Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pressure Washing Equipment for Temperature Control

Pressure washing equipment with heating capabilities has one advantage over non-heated pressure washing equipment. These machines can use hot as well as cold water. Therefore, when purchasing pressure washing equipment, it is always a good idea to purchase machines that allow for temperature control.
Hot Water Applications
Hot water cleans where cold water cannot. Heat acts on chemical bonds in dirt molecules. Once the chemical bonds are dissolved, the high pressure water spray washes away the dirt. Commercial pressure washing equipment can achieve temperatures as high as 330°F. Some machines have lower temperatures, around 250°F. No matter how hot the temperature of touchless car wash equipment for sale water being used, ensure the temperature is adjusted according to the durability of the surface.
It is important to note non-commercial machines meant for home use or limited cleaning applications do not offer this level of heat and are therefore not suitable for commercial applications.
Hot water is particularly effective in removing layers of grease, oil, and burned hydrocarbons from a variety of hard surfaces. Heat cleans concrete, metal, steel, granite, and glass. Therefore, these machines are used for cleaning vehicles, airplanes, gas stations, and factory interiors.
Cold Water Applications
Using hot water when it is not required results in heightened fuel outflow. Therefore, the pressure washer should offer the option of cold water washing along with hot water cleaning. Cold water is sufficient to remove dirt, plant sap, mud, and mold from hard surfaces. The cold water mode may be used for cleaning agricultural tools, driveways, walkways, and commercial and public spaces.
Cold water is also used for cleaning in areas where heat can be a danger. Storage houses, warehouses, and workshops where flammable items are stored often limit cleaning to cold water pressure washing.
Apart from maximum temperature, there are certain other features to factor in when you buy pressure washing equipment.

  • Power washers can attain pressure levels as high as 8000 psi. Not all commercial tasks require such high pressure; car washing, for example, should not be used with pressure cleaners having pressure levels above 1500 psi.
  • Pressure cleaners can be mobile or stationary. Mobile pressure cleaners are indispensable to mobile car detailing businesses. These machines are also used for cleaning large tracts of roads, walkways, grounds, and commercial spaces.
  • Power cleaners may have flow rates as high as 8 GPM. But, some power cleaners have flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM. These low flow machines are necessary when you are working in areas with restricted water availability.
  • An industrial pressure washer mobile truck washing equipment is run on a variety of fuels as well as electricity. Jet fuel-powered pressure washers are popular within the aviation industry. Some people prefer gas or propane models over diesel due to easy availability and absence of electricity supply. The advantage of using an electric industrial pressure washer is this machine can be run outdoors and indoors, and it does not generate fumes.

Pressure washers should be purchased only from a reputable, established dealer. For commercial applications, it is important that you find a machine that has the right temperature and pressure levels.