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The lynx trolley backpack is for men and women who are likely to overstuff their bags

Before wine aerators we used to utilize decanters or carafes to aerate wine. Generally all aerating wine is acquiring some oxygen into it to wide open up the flavors coupled with bring out the aromas a little additional. Aerating wine is actually the 1st stage relating to the oxidization procedure together with this is when air will get in to the wine and additionally functions being a catalyst for the chemical reactions which have been taking place inside the wine.

The back packs for school you choose might be developed to satisfy your specific requirements, offer you using a wonderful accent for your present appear. It can be also crucial to figure out how extended this backpack is going to become necessary. Other factors to contemplate are value and also design.

Exposure to cold, warmth or irradiation will swiftly ruin the delicate consumer electronics data information structured within a notebook. Primarily based on your airplane journey the laptop computer could quite possibly be prone to any or everyone of these perils. X-ray tests won't have an impact on modern-day digital equipment including laptops, information on the harddisk may be ruined.

One item which might be taken into consideration could be a luggage scale. With raising expenses to pay in case you exceed the restriction on the 3 piece baggage set it could turn in to the expensive journey. They are usually more crucial for when you happen to be returning house, much more for the reason that an individual will bring house more than you took, added clothes, products so forth.

Modern modern society nevertheless utilizes carts and additionally wagons for different duties for example transporting backyard garden resources or boxes for workplace provides not to mention such things are nevertheless excellent for hauling heavy masses. Grocery shoppers utilize carts in order to retain their fridges together with freezers well-stocked; even an automobile can provide being a sort of cart within this appropriate. In short, modern daily life would not be practically as handy without the use relating to carts specially for those associated with us who have experienced again accidents.

If you want buy more popular bags, please click here:www.daseinbags.com/fashion-bags/7-reasons-why-people-fail-at-both-diet-and-exercise

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Beyoncé Sells New Dream for the Obama Age, says Staffordshire University Professor

Beyoncé is the most persuasive and influential celebrity in the world, according to Staffordshire University Professor Ellis Cashmore.

"Not only does she sell downloads, cds, ringtones, movie tickets, her own label clothes and any number of products, from cologne to television, but she sells a new American Dream based on an idea – that racism is over," says Cashmore.

In his new article 'Buying Beyoncé', Professor Cashmore argues that Beyoncé's most notable feat is in selling the idea that America's centuries-old problem of racism has vanished. "When she serenaded the US President Barack Obama and his wife at their inauguration ball in January 2009, she achieved the unimaginable," says Cashmore. "Here was a conspicuously successful black women singing to the first black president in history."

Cashmore, Professor of Culture, Media and Sport at Staffordshire University, believes Beyoncé is a symbol for a new age, though, he adds, a misleading one: "Despite the progress of the past few decades, the USA is still mired in its past. African Americans do poorly at school, live in the poorest housing, spend a disproportionate amount of time behind bars and, despite the election of Obama, are underrepresented politically compared to their size in the total population – more than 1 in 7 Americans are black."

In his article, which is published in the latest issue of Celebrity Studies, Cashmore documents the overall social position of African Americans and contrasts this with the position of Beyoncé and other A-list black celebrities, such as her husband Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys. "Their success can be interpreted by middle America as evidence that, in the land of opportunity, yo women's jackets u can emerge from an impoverished background and live the good life." Professor Cashmore can be seen discussing the article on youtube

Cashmore adds: "It's easy to imagine how Americans think to themselves, 'If these billionaire celebrities can make it, why can't any other black person in America. After all, racial discrimination didn't stop them. It's a deceptive illusion."

Cashmore, whose books include Tyson: Nurture of the Beast and Celebrity Culture believes Beyoncé is a perfect emblem for the Age of Obama. "In a sense she is unique," he says. Her earnings and her influence make her the most globally conspicuously successful black woman this side of Oprah, and, remember, she isn't 29 till September."

Ellis Cashmore is professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire University, England.
He also teaches on the new BA(Hons) Celebrity Journalism undergraduate degree. Visit BA(Hons) Celebrity Journalism


Men’s Underwear has Surprising Side-effect: Post-surgical Garments Help Men Stand Taller, Look Trimmer in Clothing

Nouvelle, Inc. is pleased to introduce its comprehensive line of male t-shirts, briefs, tanks, vests, girdles, and bodysuits designed to gently hug the body so men feel great, stand taller, and look trimmer in clothing.

Initially designed as post-surgical compression wear for men recovering from a variety of cosmetic procedures, these specially-designed undergarments help men look noticeably better in casual, business, formal, and athletic clothing without having cosmetic surgery. While compression garments are not an alternative to losing weight or improving health, they provide an unmistakable slimming effect by subtly smoothing and sculpting the appearance of the body beneath clothing. Typically, people considering compression garments for non-surgical use have recently lost a great deal of weight, and may have excessive body tissue folds or conditions such as gynecomastia or male breast ptosis (drooping chest). Compression garments offer women's coats a safe, non-surgical alternative to stabilizing and compressing excess body tissue and skin folds.

"We are very proud of the success and versatility of our men's garment line, notes Dawn Cover, owner of Nouvelle Inc. "Our products were already well-respected in the cosmetic surgery recovery industry for their effectiveness in increasing blood circulation around surgical areas to accelerate healing, diminish swelling, and flush out harmful fluids. Their soft, flexible design ensures they help protect and stabilize surgical sites resulting in not only shorter recovery times, but cleaner surgical areas with minimal scarring. What makes them desirable as body slimmers is the fact that they are extremely comfortable without being too confining or tight."

Nouvelle's exclusive designs for men cannot be found in retail stores. Made in the USA, the company's trademark garments use a 55 percent Lycra?/45 percent nylon content for the smoothest, silkiest feeling next to skin. With more than 20 years experience in the compression wear industry, Nouvelle manufactures and distributes post-surgical and compression garments for men and women from its state-of-the-art facility in Virginia Beach, Va.

For more information, please visit http://www.nouvelleinc.com.

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The 2012 Autumn Trend concerning Purses

When the summer season concerning 2012 will previous soon, the autumn is coming closer and also closer. One of several most substantial indicators of autumn is the fact that yellow leaves falling gradually in the trees and shrubs. Because of the autumn is obtaining carefully, individuals who go purchasing within the buying shopping centers can find that distinctive brands' luggage connected with autumn are about the shelf prepared for sale.And then thi website also to sale dress display stand online! There exists inevitably that ladies have an inherent like toward trendy clothing, shoes plus brand luggage, not to mention they're fond about choosing these decorations to show their attractiveness not to mention attraction, but inside the great not to mention comfortable autumn, just how do ladies pick the appropriate things to entice their lover's attention is still a difficult dilemma. As a female who also faces the exact same issue with a lot of other individuals believes that the simplest way to attract your lover's attention in this awesome together with comfy autumn would be to choose a purse which fits together with your dressing or your temperament quite nicely.

Since I know deciding upon a correct purse may help young girls or ladies entice their lover's consideration, but someone will ask me some inquiries like this, that may be, which model relating to purses not to mention what sort of purses would be the very best option? Effectively, my solutions to these two inquiries are exceptionally basic, that is, young women or ladies who wish to make use of a purse to entice their lover's interest needs to select a stylish purse, meaning the handbag is quite preferred at this moment, even lots of people are killing for getting one particular. Concerning the model connected with stylish rhinestone purses not to mention handbags, only dasein, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Daphne Chanel, etc. these brands' handbags can be regarded as stylish handbags. Amongst these brands' handbags, I want to say that dasein's black furred purse may be the most attractive plus well designed. Young girls or women that have a handbag like this may definitely entice their lover's good consideration. When you've a black furred handbag regarding dasein, you are able to match it with kinds of clothes, footwear not to mention hats, certainly the moment you carry your dasein trendy handbag to go buying, I'm sure that not only your lover's eyes will repair on it, but in addition the other's.

To sum up, young women and additionally ladies who definitely need to nicely entice their lover's interest, choosing a trendy purse is fatal necessary. With all the assistance related with a stylish purse, there is no doubt that women or ladies will appear extra stylish, and then the far better is their lover will pay much more consideration to them.

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Littlewoods Europe Announces Launch of #wordless Wednesday Competition

Littlewoods Europe has announced it will be launching a #wordless Wednesday competition on its blog in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The competition will run weekly on the Littlewoods Europe blog, and customers can enter by simply following the blogs and leaving a comment.

Wordless Wednesday sees Twitter and blog users posting pictures to their accounts which require no words as way of an explanation. Wordless Wednesday is similar to other Twitter themed days such as Travel Tuesday and Follow Friday.

As part of the competition, Littlewoods Europe will be posting pictures on their blog and asking followers to guess what the picture shows. The picture displays a small partition of the item which is up for grabs and to enter followers simply have to tell Littlewoods Europe what the picture shows and why they think they should win. Winners are then selected at fashion jackets online random and announced on the company's blog and Twitter page.

The competition is designed to give followers the chance to win some of the most wanted items this Christmas season. The use of the blog and Twitter as a platform for the competition will allow customers from all over Europe to take part.

A spokesperson for Littlewood Europe said: "We are running a weekly competition to win a range of great items from our on-line store and decided it would be more engaging to use #wordless Wednesday as the mechanic to do this."

There will be several prizes available to the winners, including a Sekonda steel watch, a leather Hobo bag, a Kodak Mini camcorder, bottles of Britney Spears' perfume and an advent house, as well as many children's toys including Zhu Zhu Pets, a Lego Duplo fire station, a radio controlled car and a Vtech Lighting McQueen learning laptop.

About Littlewoods Europe:
Littlewoods Europe is part of Shop Direct Group who is the UK's largest online and home shopping retailer with sales of circa ?1.7 billion. It is aimed at women who want the convenience of home delivery from one of their favourite British on-line retailers. The delivery cost is €5 regardless of size of order. Delivery is within 7 working days, with 28 days home approval guarantee.

The Littlewoods Europe site features over 14000 product lines, from core categories of clothing, footwear, toys, kid's wear and home wear.

Brands within the Shop Direct Group portfolio include Very.co.uk, Woolworths.co.uk, Littlewoods Ireland, Littlewoods Europe, Additions, Great Universal, Choice, Kays, Empire Stores and Marshall Ward.

PR Contact:
Michelle Miller
Consumer PR team
Shop Direct Group
Skyways House
Speke Road
L70 1AB
0844 292 2570


MyCinderellasDreamStore.com Gives Women a Unique Outlet for Fashion

Web entrepreneur, Debra St Clair, is pleased to announce the launch of her new website, http://www.MyCinderellasDreamStore.com. Formulated in November 2009, the web business was developed to provide women a unique outlet to find the latest fashions at bargain prices.

"This started as a dream of mine over seven years ago," said St Clair. "I wanted to sell a product that I know something about and enjoy, and that, of course, is women's fashion. Fashion is an ever changing industry, but it's one that I can stay on top of."

At MyCinderellasDreamStore.com shoppers will discover beautifully cra fashion coats online fted accessories to complement every outfit. Carry your necessities in an asymmetric shoulder bag, a black and champagne print satchel, or a colorful hobo bag. Students can easily hold their books in a metallic beaded tote- a hot trend this new year. For a night on the town, dress up your little black dress with a cute clutch in fiery pink and silver, or a bit more demure with a silver satin rosette clutch.

Animal prints, another resurging trend, can be added to your wardrobe with a scarf. The prints come in zebra, giraffe, and leopard with a crinkle effect and tassel trim. No head to toe look would be complete without a few baubles, and MyCinderellasDreamStore.com has a selection of crystal pendants that add just the right amount of sparkle.

As the business grows, more jewelry, women's clothing and shoes will be added to the website. "I strive to offer women a quality overall package to make them each feel like a special woman, a princess," added St Clair.

For information on new products, as well as tips and tricks on accessorizing and updating outfits, visit the site's brand-new blog, http://www.CincerellasDreamBlog.com. St Clair will share her knowledge of the industry and help women achieve designer looks on a budget.

MyCinderellasDreamStore.com- Be the princess you are!

About the Company:
MyCinderellasDreamStore.com – a division of Dclair Enterprises – is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Debra St Clair.


Debra St Clair
(254) 223-1870

iePlexus, Inc.


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All styles of prada beauty baggage feature the signature prada emblem

Want to complete is head out plus get some their fairly personal clubs. As exciting as this may very well be, clubs and also other golf gear might be pricey. Ask about to find if somebody you know has an old set lying around that you just could borrow for awhile. You are able to have the espresso maker inside your betty boop luggage together with purses thus about their tiny dimension. They are definitely stylish coupled with would deliver a need to consume further coffees. This may add class as being a decorative merchandise.

Just a few decades back, salespeople, attorneys, medical doctors other specialists carried their documents around in gentle leather briefcases. You may select a lot of ways to learn it, however the key factor would be to keep on carrying out it lengthy enough in order that you can see superior results. With the mandate comes usual pitfalls any traveller every so usually encounters - baggage dropped or on another continent, delayed or cancelled flights plus motels which have no documents of your booking.

As I'm able to get it done all myself, I also had my book printed by a neighborhood printer "Island Blue" who developed an awesome hunting novel comprehensive using a plastic coating for your go over. In case you are personally promoting your own textbooks, this can be a terrific strategy to go. Or else, you'd have to obtain copies from your self-publishing corporation they will be expensive.

Hi All - What's this W3C stuff?? I seen it in the 'Doc Type' tag I place in my web-site (for the reason that it had been missing a single). It's like an introduction in between your web site not to mention the SE's. html 4.01 transitional is an example) the search engines can then know how you can read through / interpret your code.

Robanti cited the new alternative to gold yet, guessing where the marketplace will go when the Euro tanks is a different question. In that situation, GLD may perhaps roll. Two minutes right here deserves two hours in entrance concerning a tube viewing Bloomberg or CNBC.. We are not responsible for any supplies acquired by using our service. We do not keep track of any concerning the contents regarding these documents. These files may include viruses, unlawful supplies, supplies inappropriate for minors, offensive files not to mention the like.

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Based journey bag understood to become dust

IT SUCKS by default lead to I didn't write it. bwaaa ha ha ha haAnyways, on the facet note. viewing how your an Seo all. A Satchel, a soft-sided situation usually associated with leather, utilised to hold papers or textbooks; more often than not has a manage and also generally has a strap. The strap is often worn so that it diagonally crosses your body, using the bag hanging on the opposite hip, as opposed to hanging straight down in the shoulder.

Whether an anklet is being given for any affirmation, initial communion, or graduation, an anklet may be made that should reflect the recipients personality. One of the issues which is significant with any anklet is irrespective of whether there's a stone in it. Some anklets make it possible for you to place valuable stones just like birthstones or specific varieties about gem stones.

With custom made fit seat covers, yet, your car or truck seats are kept seeking like new. Stains, rips and also tears can take their toll around the seat covers. You will discover even canine car seat covers, which will shield the seats from dog's wastes fur. Pacsafe is specifically designed anti-theft vacation gear. It was created by Rob Schlipper not to mention Magnus McGlashan right after Rob's many experiences as a seasoned traveler. To put it accurately, he has himself been a target about luggage theft not to mention this gave him the inspiration to create a line about cheap bags coupled with equipment that are theft-proof.

That is basically a tent that is certainly smaller sized so its easier to pack. Your family tent that is 20x15, with 3 different rooms would not be advisable to pack in your back again. Remember, this can be in situation concerning an crisis, not a weekend getaway.. There may be an importance on bamboo items in Thailand, having a selection for handmade bamboo handbags being produced with distinctive detail, with hand carved handles providing a great appear to a nice item. Bamboo purses can be built from several slim, flat pieces concerning bamboo laid aspect by side building a mat. Bamboo handbags could be produced in normal bamboo colours, or within a selection regarding distinctive bright colours to decorate any form of outfit you happen to be sporting.If you'd like view additional hot bags, click on here!

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The Status Symbol Apparel Group Announces the Release of their 2006 Spring & Summer Women's Collection

With the release of their new Spring & Summer Collection, African American Designers Terry Lake, Brian Mattiison and Darryl Anderson are looking to top last year's phenomenal success. In only three short years, the Status Symbol line has tripled in sales volume, resulting in rave reviews nationwide. In an industry not usually known for African American male designers of female fashions, this trio is hoping to change the mindset of the fashion world.

"It's my belief that everything you wear makes a statement," said Terry Lake, Founder and Style Director of Status Symbol. "Fashion is essential in expressing how you feel, and who you are to the world. I want to introduce contemporary brazen styles for women that have been lacking in traditional department stores."

About Status Symbol

The initial line which consisted of peasant tops, French cuffed dresses, 70's styled ponchos and a wide variety of knits, secured an overwhelming 300 new sales accounts. As the demand for the line increased, Terry Lake gained the confidence he needed to take the line to the next level. He partnered with Darryl Anderson formerly of Chicago, Illinois and Brian Mattison a native of Detroit, Michigan both of whom have over 17 years of experience in sales, marketing and retail. From this partnership the Status Symbol Apparel Group was formed, creating a formidable and unique team of African American men whose serving notice to the rest of the high fashion world that the game is about to be taken to new heights.

Spring & Summer 2006

This season's collection consists of chic, confident and fashion-savvy designs, which represents Status Symbol's ideal woman. The collection combines trendy new pieces with modernized classics to create a look that is highly fashionable and approachable. With attitude that is bold, edgy, sexy, and simply hot, the Status Symbol Woman will always remain in the forefront of the fashion world.

The spring line features ready to wear looks that cross function with plenty of high fashion. Key elements include inventive knits that infuse a feeling of function and practicality to luxurious wardrobe staples that include wide leg trousers, cotton shirts, halter tops, linen sets and, knitwear in a wide range of proportions, lengths, shapes and, silhouettes.

Economic Data

The Status Symbol Collection growth since their inception has been overwhelming. The initial line which was launched in the third quarter of 2004, grossed over $ 166,500.00

  • In 2005 sales increased by a total of 200% ($510,000)
  • Projected sales for 2006 – 1,000,000.00
  • The Status Symbol Collection is presently in over 30 States in the Country.
  • The Status Symbol Collection can also be purchased outside the United States in Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe, and the Bahamas.

Terry Lake, Founder, Style Director

Terry believes fashion is essential in expressing how you feel and who "You" are to the world; you could say that Terry has fashion in his blood.

Terry, who has been a retail owner for the last 13 years in his home State of Michigan, grew up inspired by his grandfather's style of suits, shoes and hats.

With much success in the retail industry, terry turned his attention to another passion: designing clothes. Armed with a strong vision, Terry convinced his wife Sharon to assist him in starting a clothing line. In June of 2004, Terry's vision came to fruition as Status Symbol was born, which for the fashion guru was a life-long dream.

Terry's motto is "Everything you wear makes a statement". With over 20 years of experience in the fashion designing, modeling and retail industries, Terry knows what the modern-thinking woman wants; easygoing styles that suits her individual needs.

Darryl Anderson

When this Native of the Windy City blew into Mi Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the oasap.com) chigan, he didn't know all what to expect or what was to come. He grew accustomed to the freezing temps, which reminded him of home in Chicago, and as years passed, he would soon learn what was destined on his path. After working for his family-owned newspaper for 15 years and becoming the editor following the passing of his father; Darryl began to pursue his many talents to include concert promotions, modeling, sales, marketing, and an array of management positions which inspired him to create a business of his own that both he and his family could benefit from.

With a keen eye for fashion, a people oriented personality, a smile that he could sell for a quick million and a wife with a passion for fashion; Darryl would find his place within the fashion industry after opening his first store, Instep Shoe Source. A dream come true for Darryl and his wife Nicole allowed them to meet new people and network with a group of entrepreneurs from the Detroit, Saginaw and Ohio areas. This new found relationship grew and opened doors to new opportunities that essentially formed new aspirations within the fashion industry. This group referred to as "the family" worked together, traveling to various apparel shows, maintaining a constant support system to Darryl and his wife.    

After 4 successful years in business selling women's shoes and apparel; the relationship of mentor/mentee between Terry Lake, Darryl and his wife grew into a much larger vision.

With Terry's years of experience as a successful entrepreneur under his belt, it wasn't a difficult decision for Darryl to partner in the success of Status Symbol.

Brian Mattison

Fashion Designer Brian Mattison a native of Michigan has always

been fashion minded. From designing his own wardrobe for local talent and high school fashion shows to outfitting the " Ravens" a bike club from his youth that he help found, Brian refused to ignore his passion for designing and creating.

After graduating from The University of Maryland with a degree in Business Management and a short stint in the United States Army, he pursued and obtained successful sales career in commercial health insurance. Although the path has been winding, his journeys eventually led back to his original passion, fashion.


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NBA Wife, Jackie Christie, Releases Colored Girl Book and Clothing Line

Jackie Christie, multi-talented, fashion designer, author and model, has released her new clothing line, 'Colored Girl', and her third book "Proud to Be a Colored Girl". The approach of this double launch and much anticipated clothing line is to instill the feelings of self worth, beauty and equality in all women.

Jackie's line will launch first with designer eco friendly 100% organic cotton t-shirts and accessories, and later followed by a hip relaxed and fun denim collection. Her line will be available initially on-line and in stores located in Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA; and Atlanta, GA. "This limited release is done by design to ensure that women will come together more to get my pieces if my clothes are not widely available at first," Jackie comments.

Christie's line will be competitive with other designers such as Free People, Ed Hardy, and the environmentally conscious.

"I design with my heart and emotions, whatever I am feeling. I start there and I move with the vibe, not against it," says Jackie Christie.

"The motivation behind 'Colored Girl' clothing is to instill a strong sense of pride, self love and equality in women, of all ages. The age old stereotype is that colored stands for African American women, but Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the oasap.com) in actuality every nationality of women the world over has a color to their skin. No matter what that color is, a colored girl can be someone viewed as beautiful. I want to remove the stigma," says Jackie Christie.

The proceeds from her clothing line as well as her new book will serve to support single mothers and impoverished families all over the world, through her and her husband's (NBA star Doug Christie) Infinite Love Foundation. Proceeds will also benefit the literacy programs in Seattle, Washington.

"There are so many causes I'm involved with. My true mission in life is to lend support to the underprivileged and suffering. To try to bring about positive change in not just the world, but also the environment. To be honest, it is very difficult to narrow it down to just one cause," expresses Jackie Christie.

More information on Jackie's upcoming events for her clothing line/book can be found at http://www.coloredgirl.com.

View the Colored Girl video.

To request a review copy of the book or for interview scheduling, contact:

Todd Rutherford: todd.rutherford(at)yorkshirepublishing.com

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Forbes Consulting MindSight(R) Research Unveils Rich Diversity of Emotions Driving Holiday Shoppers

New research by Forbes Consulting Group reveals that while many shoppers are turning out this holiday season, the emotions that drive them to stores differ greatly from person to person. Results from the study using the company's proprietary applied neuroscience technology, MindSight?, has revealed a unique shopper profile. More motivated than others by the "thrill" of shopping, one group pursues shopping almost as a "game," driven by the feelings of achieving success that go along with finding the perfect item or obtaining that great deal. In contrast, the motives driving other shoppers to the stores relate more strongly to the feelings of doing something special for loved ones in the holiday season.

"The MindSight? findings reveal that although most shoppers are highly motivated by a desire to take care of friends and family and express love during the holiday season, some shoppers derive intense emotional satisfaction from the experience of shopping," said Dr. David Forbes, Founder and CEO of Forbes Consulting Group. "These shoppers feel the emotions of winning and losing in the shopping experience. It's more competitive for them. Not surprisingly, these shoppers are more likely to begin their holiday shopping early, arrive at stores before they open to get a good spot in line and brave going out to the stores on Black Fridays or Super Saturdays."

The findings also show the timeless truth that the joy of the holidays is most of all about children. Parents and others buying toys and games for children feel excited about making kids feel loved, cared for and happy with their presents. Unlike other types of holiday shopping, shopping for kids appears distinctively worry-free with very little concern that kids will be disappointed with what they get for Christmas.

Shopping for Different Products Gives Rise to Different Emotional Experiences
The research conducted by Forbes Consulting also evaluated the emotions associated with top product categories for the holidays. The results indicate some surprising findings with implications for retailers.

  •     For men shopping for the women in their lives, perfume can convey that you understand and care about what she likes, and it can win her appreciation. For women, giving a man a new power tool has this same potential to show you understand and care. However, perfume and power tool gift purchases involve considerable trepidation about "getting it wrong" and seeming "incompetent" in the purchase process.
  •     Meanwhile, for experiencing sheer pleasure during the shopping experience, gourmet foods top the list. Shoppers enjoy a "mental feast" as they explore the wide range of delicious items on display, especially during the holidays. Gourmet food retailers could capitalize on the positive emotional shopping experience surrounding these purchases by ensuring shoppers have a way to engage more of the senses by offering taste samples.

"The MindSight? holiday shopper findings have important implications for retailers," said Dr. Jeremy Pincus, Principal at the Forbes Consulting Group and Lead Researcher on the project. "For 'thrill-seeking' shoppers, it's all about getting in, getting the deal and getting out of the store. This is particularly true in the early hours after a store opens, which is when these shoppers are more prevalent. Retailers obviously want to keep shoppers in stores browsing, but they could also benefit by making aspects of shopping, such as the check-out process, as efficient as possible. Strategies for targeting other shoppers include genuinely trying to reduce the anxieties men feel when shopping for perfume, for example, or women when they shop for power tools. Doing this could have a beneficial impact on holiday sales of these items."

About the Research and MindSight?
The research, conducted between November 29-December 5, 2011, included a quantitative survey with 2,014 participants in the U.S. between the ages of 18-65. Half of the participants were men and half were women. The survey covered the top shopping categories, including clothing, consumer electronics, entertainment/media, gourmet foods, arts and crafts, jewelry, perfume, spa services, power tools, small appliances, specialty alcohol, and children's toys.

The survey included the use of the proprietary Forbes Consulting MindSight? technology to evaluate shopper emotions and motivations.

  •     MindSight? enables researchers to "talk to the emotional brain." It utilizes a patent-pending technique of applied neuroscience to obtain authentic emotional insight from respondents before their conscious mind can edit responses.
  •     MindSight? can be used in small, qualitative studies as well as large-scale, quantitative studies with thousands of globally dispersed respondents. It delivers real-time results, cost-effectively, and can be deployed on mobile devices.
  •     MindSight? works by "talking with pictures," rapidly exposing a proprietary and statistically validated library of emotionally evocative images for respondents to react to – each image is linked to one category in Forbes Consulting's Unified Model of Human Motivation ? to explain respondent motivations (published in Review of General Psychology, June 2011).

About Forbes Consulting Group
Founded in 1985 and based in Lexington, Massachusetts, the Forbes Consulting Group is a strategic and innovative market research company providing clients with deeper levels of insight about emotions and motivations - and helping them gain strategic market advantage on the strength of this insight. In its 26-year history, Forbes Consulting Group has become a valued resource for Fortune 500 companies. For more information, including the opportunity to receive a demo of Mi Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the oasap.com) ndSight?, please contact sales(at)forbesconsulting(dot)com.

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The Must-Have related with OL-Bag Generates New Look

As a new woman getting into the occupation industry, you should notice lots of information. One of many most important is your experienced appearance. The way to generate a brand new determine which is diverse out of your student-days from gown, accent? Attending various events, baggage might be your important accent. Various fashion, material plus style will present distinctive feelings. Choose diverse bags in diverse occasions will add your charm. No matter inexpensive bags or pricey luggage, there may be usually a single that could fit you superior. I will introduce quite a few collocations for beauty-lovers.

1. neutral briefcase

Upright hand bag that is definitely like brief situation provides out the able and additionally skilled , intellectual appeal relating to office lady. The buff material with all the orange colour add tender sensation whilst present her neutral fashion. It really is a far better choice for planning to perform. Specifically whenever your ensemble is in serious color, warm color bag is often a tiny embellish to make your brightness, revealing stylish, intellectual beauty.

2. lengthy sequence snake hand bag

Spellable western fit with delicate gentle scarves exhibits decency and attractiveness cultivates morality. Fortuitous bright figures and also the retro necklace reveals your scrupulous collocation, and also the sensitive specifics make your trendy sensation. This yellow snake lengthy hand bag without two a lot accent, easy and fashion, together with the line for the floor shows grace.

3. snazzy metallic chain bag

It's a shoulder bag, leisure coupled with fashion. After working on the whole early morning, set out to have a drink under the duvet regarding hot sunshine, plus get pleasure from your afternoon tea. This steel chain bag adopts soft substance which feels random, plus your feeling also relaxs. On this occasion, this bag is likely to make your state of mind extra comfortable and also comfy.

4. patent leather steel chain hand bag

When you enroll in a celebration, this bag is your favourite. Sexy lace costume makes you pretty, coupled with the butterfly waist band decorates you far more fragile, hyaline black silk stockings, deluxe pearl necklace makes you extra charming. This cleverish patent leather steel chain bag will allow you to to become an ideal sexy lady within the celebration.

5. T-shaped hand bag

Dating with metamerism, you're a lovely pricess below the decoration concerning lace gown, tender curling waves. This cupboard handbag could make you far more swish malva. Apart from, T shape increase the trendy feeling.

When you have holiday , improve your OL dress, not to mention place to the beret, army boots, dark eco-friendly long coat, match up with a uncomplicated leisure huge bag on your shoulder. You modify to become a amazing star. or you could modify a vigorous make-up with online handbags plus scarf. The vivid color could make your additional vigor plus be the focus of the perform area.

The final one particular I desire to introduce is Hobo bag from Betsey Johnson. She is a unconstraint, impulsive lovely woman. She patterns quite a few different types of luggage. Her Hobo luggage are so sweet that may boost your recognition.

Rhinestone western handbags are the most effective friend connected with females, if you want to become a fashionable OL, select a appropriate bag to inprove your appeal.

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They price significantly less may be made use of as standard carry baggage throughout the round

Whilst the Travelon brand does not directly give attention to airline vacation in particular (moreover they sell a great deal related with components that are beneficial when at any time travelling by automobile, motorcycle or mountain bicycle), the majority of the add-ons are most beneficial for air journeys. In the occasion you journey by automobile, a suitcase has substantially a lower volume of requirements when compared to a suitcase that could wind up unattended for the conveyor belt or which needs to satisfy precise dimension requirements by the airline businesses. One could condition that just about every one of the rigmaroles relating to air journey cause a jet lag on it is personal.

The acceptance for these products makes them ideal for advertising. Experts at Ideasbynet advise that it's greater to distribute advertising products which happens to be simple to carry for shoppers, wherever they go, for example keyrings, discount leather handbags not to mention umbrellas since it grabs the attention related with other onlookers. This makes your brand names get popularised amongst a lot more folks.

Anyone can satisfy their authorized requirements in real-estate issues by entrusting the task with the real estate lawyer Manhattan. They assist their clientele in the buy and then sale connected with homes. They overview all sorts concerning legal transactions like revenue agreement; lease agreements and so on and then give correct advice.

I slept in snatches that evening. I always do no matter when I've a major day forward concerning me. I swung my toes up and doing and then onto the carpeted floor. Incase some thing requires location to it as an example its color fades or gets damaged it could possibly be restored and additionally utilized once yet again. I've found my leather backpack from Amazon. Well you could also place facet by facet the prices associated with distinctive leather-based designer briefcases and additionally determine on which happens to be within your value range.

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DA' Right Entertainment's Inaugural Launch Party Event Will Be Held on April 14, 2011 at Iguana New York

DA' Right Entertainment is pleased to announce its inaugural Launch Party Event to be held on April 14, 2011 from 7:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. at Iguana New York Restaurant and Dance Lounge, located at 240 West 54th Street New York, NY, between Broadway and 8th Avenue. General Admission is $10.00. Tickets can be purchased in advance at http://www.darightentertainment.com. The night will include a Fashion Showcase, Live Musical Performances, and much more. Come be apart of what is sure to be an exciting evening of fashion, dancing, meeting and greeting industry artists and professionals, so dress to impress!!

Featuring Fashion by:
Sarfarcity is a clothing line designed by Chi Chi J Couture a New York based company dedicated to the revitalization of high-end fashion for the everyday woman. Chi Chi J is creating authentic Women's Contemporary Ready to Wear, Couture designs and styles that produce a high-end look without emptying your bank account!!

C.L.E.V.A. or Classy Lady's Endear Visible Attraction by Latasha "Miss Cleva" Anderson was inspired by R&B soul singer Erykah Badu's song Cleva and is a perfect mixture of urban appeal, class, and nature.

Scrolln Artz Clothing Co. was founded by President & CEO, Joey "JFresh" Green and Vice President & Designer Jordon "the Mad Scientist" Blake. Scroll means paper which has been written, drawn, or painted upon for transmitting information, or the slang expression meaning to engrave an expression. Jordon took this definition and discovered it was the perfect word for the clothing l fashion jackets ine, a line in which the garments are handmade making them each unique and collectable.

Featuring Live performances by:
Delano Barbosa has been singing since the age of 12. He performed with Boston area music group N2U for many years before stepping out on his own. He is in the process of finishing his solo debut album with an international flare blended with R&B, ZOUK sounds, and house music. Delano has performed some of his new music at the Akon Concert in the Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa. Showing his skills as an actor, Delano can be seen in a hit music video Far Away by Marsha Ambrosius which has over 4.6 million views on http://www.worldstarhiphop.com and is currently on B.E.T, VH1, and more. He is a cast member of the hit Off-Broadway production of Black Angels Over Tuskegee by Layon Gray. Delano was also featured in the Disney film The Game Plan starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Anaya Armstead is a singer, actor, and model from Harlem, New York and has performed live at BB Kings, The Sugar Bar, and Club Nell's. Among her credits, Anaya has modeled with Darkfame Entertainment, performed on stage in productions by Diversity Players of Harlem, and sang the National Anthem at Newark Stadium. Anaya is currently working with music producer Mr. J. Tarrell. Her new single My Baby can be found on youtube.com.

C. Barbosa first appeared on the scene as a member of one of Boston's hottest R&B groups Image. The group opened for artists such as Cassidy, Rupee, and Jagged Edge. Image was all the rage in the New England area for over 4 years. After Image disbanded, C. Barbosa formed one of New England's hottest writing groups, FinePrint Music. Along with members Mykel & RJ, he has written over 50 songs and counting. With such hits as "So Fine", "Hear That Sound", and "Dance with You", this Cape Verdian native is determined to put out popular music! C. Barbosa has opened for Akon in the Cape Verde Islands off the West Coast of Africa. He has also worked with artist Kim Davis. Mr. Barbosa is determined to be a new breed in the R&B/Hip Hop/Pop culture.

Rasheeda Wallace got her big break in 1995 while performing at the world famous Apollo Theater, where she brought audiences to their feet with standing ovations three weeks in a row. Ms. Wallace has performed on FOX 5's Good Day New York. She has been sought after by some of music industries' finest, such as Chaka Khan, Kymani Marley, The Pussycat Dolls and Roc-a-Fella records to perform, as well as write and arrange. She is also a dedicated supporter of the Sanctuary House, a shelter for women who are victims of Domestic Violence. She has committed a great deal of her time and effort in raising awareness and funding for the Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign. Ms. Wallace received a Proclamation from the City of New York by Governor David Patterson for her service. As a singer and performer, Rasheeda's fan base has grown to be quite diverse since her big break in 1995. She hopes to one day be a household name.

Featuring music by:
DJ Versastyle has a love for various styles of music from Culture and Soca music to Alternative and Techno to Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae, hence the name DJ VersaStyle. He has been a DJ for over 5 years and works with a group which he helped form called Hits International. DJ has also had the great pleasure of working with reggae artists Movado and Tony Matterhorn. When not in the DJ booth, you can find him modeling or promoting events. DJ Versastyle says "Music makes me happy and it defines who I am. As a DJ, I would love to spin music all over the world, to feel and understand different cultures through their music."

Hosted by:
Reginald L. Barnes is a Theatre, Film, and Television actor, as well as host/emcee, and part-time funnyman. He is currently featured in an Off-Broadway production of Layon Gray's award winning play "Black Angels Over Tuskegee". Reginald received glowing reviews for his portrayal of Ghost Henderson in the Stepping Stone Theatre Company's original work Reflections of the Heart. Some other theater credits include: Die Laughing the Stage Play, A Soldiers' Play", The Wiz, Medea, Godspell, Fences and Freddie's Big Deal. His film works include The Skeleptica Effect, Read On, Inhibitions, and Tales From The Players' Manual, Vol. 1--which made waves around the festival circuit and are now available thru indie retailers online.

For More Information contact:
DA' Right Entertainment
750 Third Avenue Suite 900
New York, NY 10017

DA' Right Entertainment seeks to bring joy, foster hope, and evoke emotions as it endeavors to provide World Changing Entertainment.

Media Contact:
Dwight Ali Williams
(212) 519 – 7423


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Ever observed a buddy walks in having a quite chic bag and also then identified the bag truly consists of a laptop

Article Source: Xmas Holiday Gifts Just for Her RSCHGHe. Give one of several favourite Christmas holiday presents for her you understand she is going to love. It is possible to give her a massive gift basket associated with chocolate or even a smaller sized scale relating to chocolate.Some body need to buy discount purses online on line! What's more to that, it's boasted because the 'briefcase they will battle over when you're dead!' One of several most delightful points regarding the Saddleback Leather Corporation Briefcase is the fact that it includes a 100-year guarantee. If that is not confidence in a item, you're likely to be challenging pressed to discover itThis briefcase is ultra skinny while it holds computer systems for up to fifteen.six inches not to mention is lined with tough pigskin or suede. The company says that pigskin could be the most powerful conceal in the globe next to kangaroo.

So the RH Side box must make the page at least so long as this plus when there exists additional content material is definitely the central aspect, this may lengthen the web page as needed (as happens now if I fill it up.) The appropriate aspect box sits inside the associated with the content is floated right and also the central content In am positive there's a straightforward css element to inform it to complete this, but I am a bumbler on CSS. I have made use of it on a different web site, exactly where the rh box provides the webpages the essential depth is the leading content material is brief. darned if I am able to find it!

Any woman would much better depart her head inside your home than depart her crossbody bag floral. The entire woman's daily life is in her bag - her little mirror, her keys in the apartment doorways and also vehicle doors, her lipstick, revenue and then credit score cards, her powder-box, her driver's license and also her identity card, her last operating draft not to mention the book she can be reading. The thing is her task, her hobby her private lifestyle are all in her purse.

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CosmetiCare offers Discount Liposuction Packages

Newport Beach liposuction can help in getting rid of excess fat pockets on a particular area of the body that make people feel uncomfortable while picking up clothes. Orange County liposuction savings packages are originally designed to contour the specific body part by effortlessly eliminating unwanted fat sacs. With the miracle of Orange County liposuction savings packages, one can easily get rid of excess cellulite from special body areas including thighs, knees, abdomen, hips, waist, buttocks, upper arms, face and neck.

By offering state-of-the-art liposuction procedures and savings for the procedure of liposuction Newport Beach, CosmetiCare, the top Plastic Surgery Center and Med Spa of Orange County, has once again taken a step ahead in providing excellent services with affordability.

The patients for Newport Beach liposuction procedures and Orange County liposuction procedures can enjoy attractive discounts on their area-wise treatments. Some of the discount savings plans for Orange County liposuction patients are:

  •     Receive one (1) area of Liposuction for only $1,800 (a $400 savings).
  •     Receive two (2) areas of Liposuction for only $3,000 (a $1,160 savings).
  •     Or receive three (3) areas of Liposuction for only $4,200 (a $650 savings)!

The Newport Beach liposuction procedures can be an ideal choice for men and women who wish to eliminate excessive isolated pockets of fat that make their body shape look disproportionate. CosmetiCare is not only offering amazing savings for Newport Beach liposuction and Orange County liposuction/liposuction Orange County, but is also committed to provide complete guidance to the patients. With proper consultation with qualified surgeons, patient can focus to target cosmetic goals with a proper Newport Beach liposuction technique.

The Newport Beach liposuction procedures are carried out under proper supervision highly skilled and qualified surgeons. Shortly, after liposuction surgery a patient can see a noticeable difference in his/her body and in personality as well. Each patient will be treated individually according to their body part need to be addressed through li women's coats posuction. With the Orange County liposuction savings offers, people can't only enjoy a new body and contoured shape, but can boost up their self-confidence and self-esteem in reasonable and affordable price plans. Many patients have misconceptions regarding the after-effects of liposuction treatments. However, the CosmetiCare Orange County liposuction offers the best after-surgery guidance and results to their patients.

If you'd like more information about this topic or liposuction flanks, or would like to schedule a free consultation with CosmetiCare, please call the Newport Beach office (949) 718-6900 or the Long Beach office (562) 595-1793. CosmetiCare has two locations: 1101 Bayside Drive Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92625-1703 & 2664 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90806.


India Shopping Online ShalinIndia Signs Up With All Major Marketplaces to Access International Customers

India online shopping store ShalinIndia is trying to do things differently. Instead of targeting the domestic market, it has looked outward towards global customers. In order to acquire international customers, ShalinIndia has actively embraced popular online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Bonanza.

"We had to make a choice between selling to domestic market and selling to international market. We settled for international market simply because the addressable market was much larger and customers had less inhibition while buying on the net," said Shalini Verma, founder of ShalinIndia. "Besides, it is mostly males who shop in the Indian market and they typically buy electronic items like laptops, mobiles, and camera on discount deals. ShalinIndia's customers, on the other hand, are mostly women whose shopping list consists of fashion items like Indian clothing, India jewelry, India gifts and home decor," added Shalini Verma.

For a company located in India, e-selling to international customers has never been easy. Sales were inhibited by the lingering doubts and questions in the minds of international customers when buying online from distant vendors. Can the vendor be trusted with credit card details? Will the items be shipped at all? Will custom charges be payable on the items imported? How can rejected items be returned? Will refunds be hassle free?

ShalinIndia decided to add women's coats ress the legitimate concerns of its international customers and accordingly made significant changes in its business model. ShalinInda joined the most trusted marketplace platforms in each country. "We signed up with Amazon in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan; Ebay in US, and UK, and with Bonanza, Etsy, Atomic Mall and Webstore in the US. The strategy paid off. Today we sell far more on these marketplace platforms than on our own website as customers trust product and service guarantees from these local marketplace players and tend to buy without inhibitions." explained Shalini Verma.

ShalinIndia is an India online shopping store selling mainly cultural products of India to global customers. The company has partnered with Amazon to store its inventory in five countries : US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan. Amazon picks, packs and ships orders in these five countries. Orders from other countries are shipped directly from India. Every order is delivered within three to five days.


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Clemson University Athletics Partners with TeamFanShop to Upgrade Online Store

The Clemson Tigers entrust TeamFanShop, Inc., with the official online store of Clemson Athletics through a multi-year contract. A subsidiary of Fanatics, LLC, the world's largest retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, TeamFanShop is a leading provider of online store solutions for college and professional teams, media networks, conferences, retailers and more. The agreement is comprised of a fully refurbished e-commerce platform with services that include merchandise management, licensing and manufacturing, marketing, secure shopping, and industry leading policies.

TeamFanShop is dedicated to the complete customer experience and encompasses an entire team of customer service professionals who are empowered to make decisions on the spot. Patrons of the upgraded Clemson University Athletics store will now enjoy an expanded line of team merchandise, flat rate shipping, 365-day returns, and 100% satisfaction g fashion coats online uaranteed.

"Along with a new personalized store design, TeamFanShop created the ultimate online destination for all Tigers fans seeking top quality clothing and game day gear," commented Mike Money, Director of Marketing for Clemson Athletics. "The Clemson Athletics store covers every base with easy ordering, quick response time, efficient delivery with no hassles, and simple return process. We are enthusiastic to watch the online shop grow and look forward to building our relationship with the TeamFanShop family in the coming years."

Shop the official online store of Clemson University Athletics at Shop.clemsontigers.com. The Clemson Tigers shop meets the needs of men, women and kids throughout the world with thousands of Tigers merchandise from the most trusted name brands. Enjoy apparel items like T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and jerseys, as well as accessories for tailgating, golfing, home décor and more. The site also includes gift cards and certificates, perfect for holiday or birthday gifts. Clemson Tigers fans can take advantage of flat rate shipping and order as many items as they like for one low cost.

"With Clemson athletics underway, it is a crucial time for Clemson University to meet fan merchandise demands in a timely and effective manner. TeamFanShop is excited to become the chosen e-commerce provider to help Clemson achieve this goal," stated Brian Swallow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TeamFanShop. "We're known for first year increases and strong YOY growth for partners and we are eager to offer Clemson this proven retail strategy."

About TeamFanShop:
Founded in 1995, TeamFanShop is a leading provider of private label e-commerce solutions for Division I colleges and professional sports teams. Their dedicated solutions power the official e-commerce sites for some of the biggest names in sports and sports media. Partners include the Oklahoma Sooners, Georgia Bulldogs, Penn State, Florida Gators, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia 76ers, The Southeastern Conference, The Atlantic Coast Conference, Ivy League, CBS Sports, New York Giants, FOX Sports, Oregon Ducks, Orlando Magic and Denver Broncos, among many others. TeamFanShop combines best-of-breed, turnkey e-commerce hosting website development with highly efficient order fulfillment, secure shopping cart solutions, and customer relationship management services to help partners fully monetize their official websites.


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Xmas holiday gifts only for her rschghe

We have remedies for all soughts about conditions and pain relief. It also provides you with every one of the Travel information and facts you need about just about just about every country within the world. Consider this entertaining quiz to check your customer service understanding. Getting the very best luggage sets may be challenging due to the fact each individual taste and additionally price may also should be regarded. For instance, if you are seeking for a thing fashionable plus classy then there are some extremely fashionable online handbags accessible at bag boutiques and also up-market department outlets produced for well known brands like Prada not to mention Louis Vuitton. Luggage labelled having an worldwide manufacturer title will yet appear at a price.

Office chair style has arrive significantly away from a plain material swivel chair to totally adjustable ergonomic chairs w . Too many have found by themselves "upside down" - remaining with a house well worth considerably less than the. Soon sufficient, retailers had been struggling to keep up with the need for fashlets.com.

Researchers are searching in a compound in our physique called Leptin. Learning mice, they discover that these mice who have fairly small Leptin within their bodies usually consume a lot more, consequently they obtain additional excess weight, tormented by overweight. But there nevertheless isn't any actual remedy offered for individuals struggling with considerable amounts relating to weight.

Just about every one of the Kindle Addresses delivers wonderful safety to help keep absent scratches scuffs or any sort of unwanted damage for your Kindle. You are able to get amazon kindle addresses that are strictly for protection. They've plastic instances which you put your Kindle into together with zip up the quilt which implies your kinlde is totally protected.

Since the paper bags aren't acid cost-free, it is crucial to only use copies associated with your pictures. YouKeywords: Dee Marie, crafts, scrapbook, rhinestone crown bags - the desire connected with each stylish feminine Whether you are a young person, a profitable young businesswoman or in your 40s, style tote bags are the excellent items to accessorize your outfits with. Drying meals will make it easy for you to shop them in straightforward re-sealable bags or containers for up to some months.

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Beautiful People Succeed in Online Dating - LatinEuro.com's Newest Dating Survey Discovers That Beauty is the Overwhelming Choice, Conscious or Not, Like it or Not

"Every culture is a "b women's jackets eauty culture'," says Nancy Etcoff, a neuroscientist who is studying human attraction at the MIT Media Lab. "Judging beauty involves looking at another person," says University of Texas psychologist Devendra Singh, "and figuring out whether you want your children to carry that person's genes." The Biology Of Beauty - Newsweek. 1996

"Beauty is part of our genes and our genes tell use that beauty is the main part of dating. Dating is a meat market. If you are not beautiful on dating sites you get the scraps.
We do not mean to be mean by saying this. It's just reality and the statistics shout it out to us everyday. Only the beautiful people with sex appeal get interest and everyone else gets passed by. It's only after rounds and rounds of failure to get a good dating response will a person choose a 2nd or 3rd or 10th tier dating profile." states Vania Santos, Director at http://www.latineuro.com

"Online dating is all visual. You are a picture, not a person. Your picture better be good or you will be the 1000th choice of girl/guy checking you out. That means, after they have been rejected by a 1000 or so friend requests they will stumble upon poor little you. In other words, people on dating sites take what the market bears and make the best of it. If you do not have a provocative and photogenic image, you will be passed by. This is based on sales records for the last 3 months," says Vania Santos.

"The smallest amount of cloths gets the most interest. The bikini women section creates the biggest roar and gets the lions share of of hungry flesh eaters seeking to sink their teeth into a mate on dating sites," states Santos. "According to the LatinEuro survey men are being sized up by women just as much and heavy hits on hunky hulks are higher than men with a church mouse look."

"Our lives our ruled by sex appeal. It was meant to be that way. If you got it flaunt it. If you do not have it. Get it or you will be passed over and over and over and the dating site will push you way back in the site in the Siberia section and you will be invisible. Most dating sites do not want to tell you this but the new statistics and surveys at bear these facts out," says Santos.

LatinEuro.com has pioneered international dating for the last 23 years and is one of the world's most famous and oldest dating sites. It has people from all over the world and the USA but specializes in Latin culture. Contact Vania Santos at: 1-305-858-7766 or vania(at)latineuro(dot)com, http://www.LatinEuro.com, 444 Brickell Avenue, Suite 51-517, Miami, Florida 33131 USA.


New Liposuction Alternative Freezes Away Fat

If you want to melt your muffin top or lose your love handles, Plastic Surgery Associates has the solution. CoolSculpting is a new, non-surgical treatment that often can be used for those who do not wish to have liposuction. Marin area men and women are finding that this procedure can reduce areas of excess fat by an average of 20 percent, say board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Francisco Canales and Dr. Heather Furnas.

"This procedure literally freezes away the excess fat through a process called Cryolipolysis?," Dr. Canales says. "For our time-pressured patients in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa, liposuction or a tummy tuck isn't always a realistic solution. This is one of the reasons we're delighted to offer CoolSculpting. It's FDA approved, and the typical treatment time is just an hour. Because it's a non-invasive procedure, our patients can return to their regular routines right after their appointments."

During treatment, patients can listen to music, read or even use their laptops while the CoolSculpting applicator cools the targeted areas of fatty tissue. No needles or anesthesia are required during this fat-freezing process, and the surrounding tissues are not harmed. The precisely measured cooling breaks down the targeted fat cells, and then the body's natural cleansing processes gradually remove those cells during the weeks following treatment.

"We chose to add CoolSculpting for our Santa Rosa and Napa plastic surgery patients because so many of them have specific problem areas such as pockets of back fat or love handles," Dr. Furnas says. "They diet, they exercise, yet those fat deposits remain. CoolSculpting is the ideal answer, and patients are delighted with the way that it sculpts those areas without surgery."

A change usually begins to become visible about 1 month after the first treatment, Dr. Canales says.

"Because your body's natural metabolic processes gradually cleanse away the destroyed fat cells, we refer to the benefits of the fat freezing process as a gradual fat reduction," he says. "Our patients say they start to notice their clothes becoming looser as they slim down."
The full benefits usually become evident 3 to 4 months after the first treatment.

"CoolSculpting reduces fat in the treated area by 20 to 25 percent," Dr. Furnas says. "In some cases, our patients want additional treatments to target other areas, because they're so pleased with how they look. Of course, to maintain their results, we encourage them to follow a healthful diet, and to exercise regularly."

Dr. Heather Furnas and Dr. Francisco Canales at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa (http://www.enhanceyourimage.com) are board-certified plastic surgeons who perform a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Furnas graduated from UCLA School of Medicine and completed a 6-year residency in plastic surgery at Stanford University. Dr. Canales received his medical degree from Stanford University in 1982 and comp women's coats leted his plastic surgery residency at Stanford University Hospital. They are both certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have been performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, body contouring and facial rejuvenation for patients in the Napa, Sonoma and Marin area since 1992.


Joy of Clothes New ‘Style Me’ Channel helps women look their best whatever their body shape or colouring

'Wearing the clothes that flatter your body shape and colouring will help you look and feel your best everyday. That's the Joy of Clothes.'

New Style Me Channel:

The new "Style Me" channel is the first step to create a personalised shopping experience. A series of step-by-step questions, simply illustrated, allows women to create their own avatar based on a set of seven body shapes and their own unique combination of eye, hair and skin colouring. They can then create, share and buy looks from over 3,000 clothes and accessories in over 100 different colours. Stylist, community and celebrity looks are available to inspire, adapt or buy.

Style Me creates their personalised shop window on the web. Unlike most retailers who only display their clothes on one idealised model all items available on Style Me are fitted and presented on seven body shapes and six skin colours so women can view how styles, colours and trends will look on their body shape and personal colouring. Customers can try everything on or just items recommended by the Joy of Clothes Stylist. It's like having their unbiased personal shopper and stylist always available to advise on the trends, colours and styles that really suit them.

The recommendations on what to wear and not to wear are based on the goal of achieving visual balance in the look rather than a purely subjective view or one based on automated algorithms.

Joy of Clothes takes the uncertainty out of buying online by allowing customers to view just how styles and colours will look on them before buying. Just because something fits or is available in their size or favourite colour does not guarantee it will suit them. For additional reassurance before purchase they can share looks with the Joy of Clothes community or friends via social media such as Face book, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

New Shop:

Joy of Clothes is a fun and easy way to discover and buy fashion online.

The relaunched 'Shop' channel on Joy of Clothes features over 150,000 clothes and accessories from over 1500 designers and 50 high street and online stores including Net-a-Porter, Selfridges, Topshop and M&S. Customers can follow their favourite stores and designers, create and share wish lists of clothes and accessories.

The new shop includes a powerful search function that enables visitors to visually search for the same colour or colour family across retailers. They can also limit the search to the colours that suit their eye, hair and skin colour.

Joy of Clothes recommends colour matched items to complete the look together with visually similar styles and colours that customers may like to try. Visitors can also filter by pattern, size, occasion, and price and for bargain hunters the sale channel includes all the sale items in one place

Joy of Clothes relaunches in February 2012
Follow us on Facebook,Twitter,Google + and Pinterest.

About Joy of Clothes:
Joy of Clothes. Discover and buy the clothes that flatter your bo women's coats dy shape,eye,hair and skin colour. Stylist advice on how to look your best. Create your model to see what to wear for your body shape .Buy womens clothes from all the top shops and designers. Joy of Clothes was founded by Michaela Jedinak and David Lethbridge.

Michaela Jedinak has a unique range of experience from the fashion, media and design industry in London, New York, Milan and Prague. As MD of Cosmopolitan Prague, she developed her passion for colour and style, before going on to set up her highly successful colour and style consultancy. More details at http://www.michaelajedinak.com.

Michaela Jedinak
michaela (at) joyofclothes (dot) com
Mobile: 0044 780 313 9755

David Lethbridge has a consumer marketing background followed by over 20 years new media experience. David was co-founder and CEO Confetti , one of the first wave of consumer internet businesses in the UK . Developed Confetti into a profitable multi-channel business including stores, catalogues and Confetti branded products and books.

David Lethbridge
david (at) joyofclothes (dot) com
Mobile: 0044 795 736 2133

Georgina Martin
PR Consultant
g (at) georginamartin (dot) net
Mobile: 0044 798 647 2967


Sunday, 2 December 2012

NAPW Indianapolis Local Chapter Gives Back to The Community and Participates in Charitable Events With Dress for Success and Danny’s Closet of Hope.

The NAPW Indianapolis Local Chapter met on Tuesday, April 3rd at Bob Evans for a professional networking meeting that focused on providing community outreach to professional women in the Indianapolis area. Members in attendance were Carol Coots, Vicki Proksch, Sally Esbaum, Mikki Post, Nita Conaway, Danuta Panich, Lynn More and Shelley Coughlin. Both Geraldine Andrews and Dona Lackman were new participants of the group.

Lynn, Chapter President, kicked off the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance at the Send-One-Suit Drive for Dress for Success charity event.

"We are so proud to be a partner with Dress for Success Indianapolis, which allows us to help women in need accomplish th women's coats eir professional goals," said Lynn.

The group gathered ten suits, nine blouses, and $175 in donations. Lynn and the group all agreed that members who were unable to attend the event could still have the opportunity to donate.

"We will ask members who could not attend the meeting to donate online and drop off their suits, blouses, and donations to Sally Esbaum, Desktop Resources, 8004 Castleway Drive, Indianapolis, IN, 46250 by April 20th," said Lynn.

"Sally will deliver NAPW donations to participating cleaners before any of the clothing goes to Dress for Success Indy and If you are donating online, dropped off a suit, or have questions, to please contact Sally at sjesbaum(at)desktopresources(dot)com," she said.

The Chapter also partnered with Danny's Closet of Hope, which is a nonprofit, faith and community-based organization. The nonprofit is committed to assisting individuals who seek help in obtaining adequate clothing for interviewing, gaining and maintaining employment, and building hope for a new future.

"Our operation is simple, we are dedicated to building hope for a new future and want every client feeling more confident about their job interview when they leave with a new great fitting interview suit," said a volunteer of Danny's Closet of Hope.

The Chapter plans to donate quality interview appropriate suits to eligible clients and in order for a potential client to obtain a suit, or article of clothing they must have a scheduled clothing appointment through referral partners only. A volunteer of the nonprofit organization relayed to the group what follows on the day of one's appointment.

"On the day of the appointment, our clothing consultant works with the client to select a suit, dress shirt, tie, belt, dress shoes, new socks and underwear, and a business portfolio," said the volunteer.

She told the groups and to also relay the information to friends, coworkers, and family "if you have items to donate, you can contact Danny's Closet of Hope directly or bring your items to a future NAPW Indy meetings," said Lynn. Danny's Closet of Hope is located at 9101 Wesleyan Rd, Suite 101, Indianapolis 317-338-8509.

Lynn and Danuta shared with the group ways employers use assessments in their hiring, placement, and team processes and how they are found in leadership programs, organizational development activities, and department team building. They also shared best practices and worst case scenarios when using workplace assessments. Members were then given a mini-profile to complete and a few tips on how to use the results to improve relationships between employees and customers in the workplace. She told the group if any would like assessment questions analyzed, they can be directed to Lynn Moore mooreinnovative(at)att(dot)net.

Before the meeting came to a close, the group did a prize drawing and Geraldine Andrews and Dona Lackman were the winners for the April meeting.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is the largest and most recognized network of female professionals. NAPW provides a forum where women can interact, exchange ideas, educate, network, and empower. NAPW Local Chapters allow members to maximize their experience through meetings, networking opportunities, and professional events.

For additional information regarding the NAPW Indianapolis Local Chapter and/or NAPW please visit http://www.napw.com.

Follow NAPW on Facebook and Twitter.


St. Vincent de Paul – Detroit Partners with Local Author of Just Because for a Thrift Store Book Signing

Bring your children in for a special treat on May 26th! Join Amber Housey women's jackets , author of Just Because for a day of fun, refreshments, and prizes at The Society of St. Vincent de Paul's Waterford, MI Thrift Store - 2235 Elizabeth Lake Rd., Waterford Township, MI 48328.

The local author will host a book signing and reading from 10:00am to 12 noon for school aged children. During the event, children will have the opportunity to win a copy of the book, receive autographs and hear a live read by the author.

Just Because is a story about how easy it is to give back to our communities and to see things from a different perspective. It also represents the Society's mission – helping those who are less fortunate through donating to thrift stores. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul operates 11 thrift stores in Southeast Michigan

"Seeing complex issues through a child's eyes will make you smile with wonder. Just Because is a delightful read for both children and adults- giving insight into the simplicity of giving and the joy of a child's heart. As someone who works with a diverse group of people in poverty, I can attest that this book addresses some of the negative stereotypes in a way that easy for kids (and adults) to understand," said Bill Brazier, executive director of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Amber Housey grew up in Michigan. She holds a Masters degree in the Art of Teaching. She taught preschool for many years and later became a first and second grade teacher in her home town of Berkley. She now lives with her husband and three children (and two dogs Mango and Hershey) in Troy, Michigan.

About The Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Detroit
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Detroit is the local arm of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization of approximately 700,000 men and women who voluntarily join together to grow spiritually and offer person-to-person service to those living in poverty and the largest social assistance organization in the world. The Detroit office of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a major provider of human services. Programs include home visits, housing assistance, disaster relief, job training and placement, food pantries, clothing and utility assistance. The Society works in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Detroit, networking with 2,000 Vincentian volunteers in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Lapeer, St. Clair and Monroe counties, and assisting 30,000 local households annually. For more information on the Society and its programs, please visit http://www.svdpdetroit.org.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Get Chic with Frenzoo’s Style Me Girl, the World's First 3D Fashion Game for Mobile

Mobile gaming just got a whole lot more glamorous. Frenzoo (http://www.frenzoo.com), pioneers of a new class of 3D lifestyle games, today announced the release of Style Me Girl, the world's first 3D fashion game for mobile devices. Available for free in the Apple App Store, Google Play Market and Amazon Marketplace, Style Me Girl has been downloaded more than 1 million times and reached #1 in the iTunes App Store for free Role Playing Games as well as #1 for all free games in the Amazon Marketplace.

Style Me Girl invites players to rise through the ranks of the glamorous and seductive New York fashion scene. Starting as an intern at the hottest style magazine in town, you can climb the industry ladder by helping models look their best and then stepping behind the camera to capture the perfect pose. Doing so will lead to high marks from the judges and career advancement as a celebrity stylist in the high-stakes fashion world.

Frenzoo's innovative 3D avatar platform was used to give the models realistic body movements and engaging facial expressions, both of which add to the allure of the game and play pivotal roles in its "photoshoots." Players around the world have already styled over 12 million different looks in the days since release.

"Style Me Girl is the first of its kind," said Simon Newstead, co-founder and CEO of Frenzoo. "It's a 3D Role Playing Game created for any woman who has dreamed of becoming a fashion and style icon. The game itself is lots of fun and features unique gameplay, intriguing storylines, and a cast of iconic characters, but it is our 3D technology that makes the whole experience so engaging."

As you embark on your quest to become the stylist to the stars, there are several gameplay features to help you progress along the way, such as:

  •     Photoshoots: After taking your models shopping and dressing them for the given theme, begin the photoshoot and start taking pictures; you'll be judged based on the outfit and poses, then awarded coins and bonuses according to your score.
  •     Models: Unlock an array of increasingly sophisticated and stunningly beautiful models, helping them pick out the perfect outfit and hairstyle, apply the perfect makeup, and accessorize and strike the perfect pose.
  •     Over 30 Fashion Genres: From casual to couture, gothic to glam, pick and choose which style to dress your models in, but make sure to pick the right style for each occasion if you want to impress the judges.
  •     Boutique: Enter the boutique to shop for clothes, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, jewelry and more, trying them on your model to see how they look before buying them.
  •     "Style Catch" Game: Play this mini-game within the game and earn extra coins by tilting your phone to catch designated items in your shopping bag as they fall; just don't catch the cash register before you're ready to checkout!
  •     "Look Book": Take photos of various models striking a number of different poses in front of a variety of backgrounds and then post them to your "Look Book;" photos can then be shared with friends or saved to your device.

"The world of fashion is full of glitz and glamour, but there's a lot of work behind the scenes most people don't see," said fashion stylist Jasmine Webster, founder of the popular DressMe blog and an advisor to Frenzoo. "Style Me Girl provides players with a behind-the-scenes look and lets them imagine what it's like to work their way up to become a celebrity stylist. We are thrilled by the tremendous support the game has received so far."

Initial user feedback to Style Me Girl has been extremely positive, with the app receiving a 4.5 star rating in all three markets. Said player Jasmine Chua: "The minute I started playing I knew it was different from the rest. Beautiful fashions, lifelike poses and engaging characters...I just love it!"

Style Me Girl is the first in a series of 3D lifestyle games by Frenzoo and is free to play now at:

  •     Apple App Store:
http://itunes.apple.com/app/id521 fashion jackets online 514229?mt=8
  •     Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.megirl.stylemegirl
  •     Amazon Marketplace:

To view the Style Me Girl trailer, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjCLhfM98OQ. Follow Me Girl on Twitter at https://twitter.com/megirl and Like it on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MeGirlGames. For game logo, screenshots or more information see http://blog.frenzoo.com/post/23757934059/press-materials.

About Frenzoo
Frenzoo is a startup creating a new class of 3D lifestyle and fashion games for women. The company's offerings, including the popular Me Girl series of mobile games, are based on its flexible and innovative avatar technology platform. Backed by Ambient Sound Investments, an early stage venture firm supported by the founding engineers of Skype, as well as Siemer Ventures, K5 Ventures, Metaverse Services and others, Frenzoo is based in Hong Kong, China, and San Francisco, California. For more information, visit http://www.frenzoo.com and http://www.megirl.com.

# # #

Media Contact                
Matt McAllister                
Fluid PR & Communications            
(510) 229-9707                

Company Contact
Simon Newstead
(415) 562-6889

Friday, 30 November 2012

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta First to Offer miraDry® for Non-Surgical, Permanent Sweat Reduction

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is the first in the Atlanta area and all of Georgia to offer the FDA approved miraDry? system for underarm sweating. Using an electromagnetic thermolysis system, miraDry, focuses thermal energy to destroy sweat glands in adults 18 and over. Unlike other sweating treatments such as Botox? injections or invasive surgical procedures, this technology is safe and effective for permanent sweat reduction.

Appropriate for those with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or those looking to eliminate embarrassing clothes staining and body odor, the miraDry? technology selectively targets sweat glands under the arm women's coats . Since sweat glands cannot regenerate, treatment produces permanent results. The August 2012 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, featured miraDry? as a promising permanent solution for excessive underarm sweat.

The technology uses a cooling system to prevent the skin's surface from burning and help maximize patient comfort. The device also carries the added benefit of eliminating underarm hair during the treatment. The miraDry? procedure is performed over two, hour long in-office treatments under local anesthesia, with a three month period between treatments. This procedure is non-invasive requiring little recovery time. Most patients are able to return back to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Numerous studies have shown high rates of patient satisfaction through a single office visit. Dr. Ashley R. Curtis, of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, is aware of other treatments available to prevent excess sweating, but is enthusiastic about the safety and effectiveness of this new permanent solution. She has experience with the aforementioned surgical technique and also Botox?, but finds this new treatment very appealing for patients who want a permanent non-surgical option. She notes the high success rate and fast return to daily activities as most important to his patients.

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta miraDry? provider Mara Grosswald, PA-C also shared, "This procedure is ideal for both men and women struggling with the physical and societal implications of underarm sweating. It's a safe treatment because your skin has numerous locations from which sweat can be emitted for cooling. It's a straightforward, efficient answer to make underarm sweating a thing of the past."

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta will offer the miraDry? procedure at their 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE office. To learn more about this fast, effective, and comfortable procedure please call (404) 256-4457 to schedule a consultation.

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA) is an all-encompassing dermatological practice, founded by Dr. Edmond I Griffin in 1976, that has been serving the Atlanta, Georgia area for over 36 years. The medical providers at DAA have over 150 years of combined experience in their fields and all physicians are certified by the American Board of Dermatology. DAA has eight in-house specialty centers including: The Atlanta Center for Veins & Hair Removal, The Laser Institute of Georgia, Skin Medics? Medical Spa, Psoriasis Treatment Center, The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration & Research, The Surgical Suite, Atlanta Cosmetic Surgery Center, and The Dermatology Center.


You will need to select the correct dimension together with variety associated with bag initial

You may get sporty not to mention official watches to wear on different events. All you will need will be to make use regarding the real sellers. These are those who will promote you high-quality watches that can gratify your requirements.. You will take pleasure in every second for your journey within this island. Quite a few world famous sea species are plentiful in Australian waters. Most species are endangered not to mention are located only in Australia.

Since the fashion backpacks bags will not be acid absolutely free, it really is significant to only use copies for your images. YouKeywords: Dee Marie, crafts, scrapbook, Style tote bags - the desire regarding every trendy feminine Whether or not you might be an adolescent, a successful youthful businesswoman or as part of your 40s, fashion tote bags will be the ideal products to decorate your outfits with. Drying foods will make it easy for you to shop them in straightforward re-sealable baggage or containers for up to some months.

Aside from that, they might even be folded 60/40 and then includes a flip up rear seat cushion. Air conditioner can be a aspect relating to the entire set concerning capabilities. In the event you like tunes, this automobile also has an AM/FM radio using a Cd participant, MP3 participant with clock, and additionally 4 speakers.

The ey would be to have a distinct image in our mind relating to the finished item we choose to make. Just before you begin you should do your exploration at come across good examples concerning e-book addresses you prefer. That should you really allow you to visualize the end solution you really want.

They had been made use of everywhere to cover up the necessary things concerning their needs to carry and maintain. Later on did variations and then means concerning affordable stylish bags changed if the world started off accepting extra relating to elegant packets other than the basic types. But their styling plus molding appear up being a hindrance in packers as they get restricted to form them together with print on them though around the plastic bags they can be certain regarding the prints labels whilst might have it on for lengthier time as well.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

RetailFetish.com Pushes Top Flash Sale Sites to Help With Aggregation and Syndication

RetailFetish.com today announced some of the efforts they are taking to involve the top flash fashion websites. Flash sale sites are young, but are failing to participate in aggregation services that syndicate their deals to millions o women's jackets f consumers. RetailFetish.com is establishing new relationships with flash sale sites and offering expertise to develop feeds to help facilitate syndication of each store's deals.

The flash sale industry is still relatively new and has companies scrambling to set business plans in motion. Aggregators are playing a pivotal role in the growth of the industry by leveling the field to allow new businesses to be able to compete next to the big names in the industry. RetailFetish has been working around the clock to build strong relationships among the flash sites community to allow the best deals for its clients with great ease.

By building strong relationships with these companies, it allows the aggregation service to syndicate all the best deals to millions of consumers. In addition to negotiating with the top fashion flash sites, many niche fashion flash sites are quickly forming, bringing more competition to the top websites and more variety for consumers.

RetailFetish.com is a fashion deal aggregator that pulls the latest deals from the best online shopping sites for both men's and women's flash sales. RetailFetish features over 20 retailers including all the top flash sales sites like Gilt.com, RueLaLa.com, Fab.com, Indeeli.com, HauteLook.com, JackThreads.com, BeyondtheRack.com, TheFoundary.com, MyHabit.com, plndr.com, FreshShades.com and many others. Users may select men's fashion or women's fashion and are only alerted when there's a deal that they might actually be interested in purchasing.

To get started finding the best mens clothing sale or womens clothing sale, please visit RetailFetish.co.


SEO Works Agency Announce Partnership With Yoga Clothing Manufacturer Asquith London

Based in Sheffield, the SEO Works Agency are a professional organisation providing search engine optimisation services. Their team of experts include technicians, online marketing experts and content managers.

Together this team produce organic SEO services and results due to their experience and knowledge of SEO, for clients throughout the UK. Their successes speak for themselves, with more than 800 rankings on Google in the top three. Over 70% of all clicks go to the top five sites on Google.

The SEO Works Agency are experts at boosting the rankings of a website so that it can be more easily found by their customers. Search Engine Optimisation works differently to other popular ways of promoting a business. As google rankings increase, more traffic lands on a website, which then has the opportunity to convert this traffic into sales.

The SEO Works Agency works for a vast range of clients from hotels to estate agents, and unlike many other SEO companies, they have strict quality controls and keep projects in-house rather than subcontracting projects out.

Adhering carefully t women's jackets o white hat SEO techniques ensures that rather than promising rapid results which only temporarily boost search engine rankings, clients can achieve the best value long-term results, helping them to improve their customers' opinions of their website as well as outranking any competitors.

Asquith London manufacture a range of luxurious organic cotton and bamboo yoga clothes which have been designed especially for use during yoga and pilates. These flattering and coordinating garments come in various soft tones enabling wearers to mix and match to create their own looks. All their naturally breathable fabrics mean customers can enjoy the best comfort and support when enjoying leisure activities, giving them complete freedom of movement.

Asquith London manufacture their clothes in a family-run factory in Southern Turkey, where employees are fairly treated and have good standards of working conditions which are regularly vetted. The factory is organic, using organic cotton and dyes, rather than conventional cotton which is often farmed by those who live in poverty.

Non-organic cotton makes up ten percent of the world's agriculture and uses a quarter of the world's pesticides. The WHO estimates that there are over 20,000 deaths every year in developing countries which are caused by pesticide poisoning, many of which can be traced back to cotton farming. Organic farming of cotton ensures that there are no chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilisers used in the production methods of Asquith yoga clothes.

Asquith London also manufacture clothing made from bamboo, which is a strong and durable fabric that is environmentally friendly and produces luxurious soft clothing. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and grows quickly and easily in a range of conditions.

Clothes made with organic materials feel softer, are more biodegradable and are kinder to skin than those which have been exposed to chemical interventions. Asquith clothes are ideal for healthy and active women who care about the environment, and want to look great without compromising on their comfort.

Asquith have two collections a year, and their range is classic and timeless, so will never be out of fashion. The range includes styles that can be layered and worn in different ways to suit a range of shapes and lifestyles. Each piece is made with the best quality materials, so the user can be assured that their clothing won't stretch, shrink or bobble.