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NAPW Indianapolis Local Chapter Gives Back to The Community and Participates in Charitable Events With Dress for Success and Danny’s Closet of Hope.

The NAPW Indianapolis Local Chapter met on Tuesday, April 3rd at Bob Evans for a professional networking meeting that focused on providing community outreach to professional women in the Indianapolis area. Members in attendance were Carol Coots, Vicki Proksch, Sally Esbaum, Mikki Post, Nita Conaway, Danuta Panich, Lynn More and Shelley Coughlin. Both Geraldine Andrews and Dona Lackman were new participants of the group.

Lynn, Chapter President, kicked off the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance at the Send-One-Suit Drive for Dress for Success charity event.

"We are so proud to be a partner with Dress for Success Indianapolis, which allows us to help women in need accomplish th women's coats eir professional goals," said Lynn.

The group gathered ten suits, nine blouses, and $175 in donations. Lynn and the group all agreed that members who were unable to attend the event could still have the opportunity to donate.

"We will ask members who could not attend the meeting to donate online and drop off their suits, blouses, and donations to Sally Esbaum, Desktop Resources, 8004 Castleway Drive, Indianapolis, IN, 46250 by April 20th," said Lynn.

"Sally will deliver NAPW donations to participating cleaners before any of the clothing goes to Dress for Success Indy and If you are donating online, dropped off a suit, or have questions, to please contact Sally at sjesbaum(at)desktopresources(dot)com," she said.

The Chapter also partnered with Danny's Closet of Hope, which is a nonprofit, faith and community-based organization. The nonprofit is committed to assisting individuals who seek help in obtaining adequate clothing for interviewing, gaining and maintaining employment, and building hope for a new future.

"Our operation is simple, we are dedicated to building hope for a new future and want every client feeling more confident about their job interview when they leave with a new great fitting interview suit," said a volunteer of Danny's Closet of Hope.

The Chapter plans to donate quality interview appropriate suits to eligible clients and in order for a potential client to obtain a suit, or article of clothing they must have a scheduled clothing appointment through referral partners only. A volunteer of the nonprofit organization relayed to the group what follows on the day of one's appointment.

"On the day of the appointment, our clothing consultant works with the client to select a suit, dress shirt, tie, belt, dress shoes, new socks and underwear, and a business portfolio," said the volunteer.

She told the groups and to also relay the information to friends, coworkers, and family "if you have items to donate, you can contact Danny's Closet of Hope directly or bring your items to a future NAPW Indy meetings," said Lynn. Danny's Closet of Hope is located at 9101 Wesleyan Rd, Suite 101, Indianapolis 317-338-8509.

Lynn and Danuta shared with the group ways employers use assessments in their hiring, placement, and team processes and how they are found in leadership programs, organizational development activities, and department team building. They also shared best practices and worst case scenarios when using workplace assessments. Members were then given a mini-profile to complete and a few tips on how to use the results to improve relationships between employees and customers in the workplace. She told the group if any would like assessment questions analyzed, they can be directed to Lynn Moore mooreinnovative(at)att(dot)net.

Before the meeting came to a close, the group did a prize drawing and Geraldine Andrews and Dona Lackman were the winners for the April meeting.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is the largest and most recognized network of female professionals. NAPW provides a forum where women can interact, exchange ideas, educate, network, and empower. NAPW Local Chapters allow members to maximize their experience through meetings, networking opportunities, and professional events.

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