Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Joy of Clothes New ‘Style Me’ Channel helps women look their best whatever their body shape or colouring

'Wearing the clothes that flatter your body shape and colouring will help you look and feel your best everyday. That's the Joy of Clothes.'

New Style Me Channel:

The new "Style Me" channel is the first step to create a personalised shopping experience. A series of step-by-step questions, simply illustrated, allows women to create their own avatar based on a set of seven body shapes and their own unique combination of eye, hair and skin colouring. They can then create, share and buy looks from over 3,000 clothes and accessories in over 100 different colours. Stylist, community and celebrity looks are available to inspire, adapt or buy.

Style Me creates their personalised shop window on the web. Unlike most retailers who only display their clothes on one idealised model all items available on Style Me are fitted and presented on seven body shapes and six skin colours so women can view how styles, colours and trends will look on their body shape and personal colouring. Customers can try everything on or just items recommended by the Joy of Clothes Stylist. It's like having their unbiased personal shopper and stylist always available to advise on the trends, colours and styles that really suit them.

The recommendations on what to wear and not to wear are based on the goal of achieving visual balance in the look rather than a purely subjective view or one based on automated algorithms.

Joy of Clothes takes the uncertainty out of buying online by allowing customers to view just how styles and colours will look on them before buying. Just because something fits or is available in their size or favourite colour does not guarantee it will suit them. For additional reassurance before purchase they can share looks with the Joy of Clothes community or friends via social media such as Face book, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

New Shop:

Joy of Clothes is a fun and easy way to discover and buy fashion online.

The relaunched 'Shop' channel on Joy of Clothes features over 150,000 clothes and accessories from over 1500 designers and 50 high street and online stores including Net-a-Porter, Selfridges, Topshop and M&S. Customers can follow their favourite stores and designers, create and share wish lists of clothes and accessories.

The new shop includes a powerful search function that enables visitors to visually search for the same colour or colour family across retailers. They can also limit the search to the colours that suit their eye, hair and skin colour.

Joy of Clothes recommends colour matched items to complete the look together with visually similar styles and colours that customers may like to try. Visitors can also filter by pattern, size, occasion, and price and for bargain hunters the sale channel includes all the sale items in one place

Joy of Clothes relaunches in February 2012
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About Joy of Clothes:
Joy of Clothes. Discover and buy the clothes that flatter your bo women's coats dy shape,eye,hair and skin colour. Stylist advice on how to look your best. Create your model to see what to wear for your body shape .Buy womens clothes from all the top shops and designers. Joy of Clothes was founded by Michaela Jedinak and David Lethbridge.

Michaela Jedinak has a unique range of experience from the fashion, media and design industry in London, New York, Milan and Prague. As MD of Cosmopolitan Prague, she developed her passion for colour and style, before going on to set up her highly successful colour and style consultancy. More details at http://www.michaelajedinak.com.

Michaela Jedinak
michaela (at) joyofclothes (dot) com
Mobile: 0044 780 313 9755

David Lethbridge has a consumer marketing background followed by over 20 years new media experience. David was co-founder and CEO Confetti , one of the first wave of consumer internet businesses in the UK . Developed Confetti into a profitable multi-channel business including stores, catalogues and Confetti branded products and books.

David Lethbridge
david (at) joyofclothes (dot) com
Mobile: 0044 795 736 2133

Georgina Martin
PR Consultant
g (at) georginamartin (dot) net
Mobile: 0044 798 647 2967


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