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Dermatology Associates of Atlanta First to Offer miraDry® for Non-Surgical, Permanent Sweat Reduction

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta is the first in the Atlanta area and all of Georgia to offer the FDA approved miraDry? system for underarm sweating. Using an electromagnetic thermolysis system, miraDry, focuses thermal energy to destroy sweat glands in adults 18 and over. Unlike other sweating treatments such as Botox? injections or invasive surgical procedures, this technology is safe and effective for permanent sweat reduction.

Appropriate for those with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or those looking to eliminate embarrassing clothes staining and body odor, the miraDry? technology selectively targets sweat glands under the arm women's coats . Since sweat glands cannot regenerate, treatment produces permanent results. The August 2012 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, featured miraDry? as a promising permanent solution for excessive underarm sweat.

The technology uses a cooling system to prevent the skin's surface from burning and help maximize patient comfort. The device also carries the added benefit of eliminating underarm hair during the treatment. The miraDry? procedure is performed over two, hour long in-office treatments under local anesthesia, with a three month period between treatments. This procedure is non-invasive requiring little recovery time. Most patients are able to return back to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Numerous studies have shown high rates of patient satisfaction through a single office visit. Dr. Ashley R. Curtis, of Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, is aware of other treatments available to prevent excess sweating, but is enthusiastic about the safety and effectiveness of this new permanent solution. She has experience with the aforementioned surgical technique and also Botox?, but finds this new treatment very appealing for patients who want a permanent non-surgical option. She notes the high success rate and fast return to daily activities as most important to his patients.

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta miraDry? provider Mara Grosswald, PA-C also shared, "This procedure is ideal for both men and women struggling with the physical and societal implications of underarm sweating. It's a safe treatment because your skin has numerous locations from which sweat can be emitted for cooling. It's a straightforward, efficient answer to make underarm sweating a thing of the past."

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta will offer the miraDry? procedure at their 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE office. To learn more about this fast, effective, and comfortable procedure please call (404) 256-4457 to schedule a consultation.

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta (DAA) is an all-encompassing dermatological practice, founded by Dr. Edmond I Griffin in 1976, that has been serving the Atlanta, Georgia area for over 36 years. The medical providers at DAA have over 150 years of combined experience in their fields and all physicians are certified by the American Board of Dermatology. DAA has eight in-house specialty centers including: The Atlanta Center for Veins & Hair Removal, The Laser Institute of Georgia, Skin Medics? Medical Spa, Psoriasis Treatment Center, The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration & Research, The Surgical Suite, Atlanta Cosmetic Surgery Center, and The Dermatology Center.


You will need to select the correct dimension together with variety associated with bag initial

You may get sporty not to mention official watches to wear on different events. All you will need will be to make use regarding the real sellers. These are those who will promote you high-quality watches that can gratify your requirements.. You will take pleasure in every second for your journey within this island. Quite a few world famous sea species are plentiful in Australian waters. Most species are endangered not to mention are located only in Australia.

Since the fashion backpacks bags will not be acid absolutely free, it really is significant to only use copies for your images. YouKeywords: Dee Marie, crafts, scrapbook, Style tote bags - the desire regarding every trendy feminine Whether or not you might be an adolescent, a successful youthful businesswoman or as part of your 40s, fashion tote bags will be the ideal products to decorate your outfits with. Drying foods will make it easy for you to shop them in straightforward re-sealable baggage or containers for up to some months.

Aside from that, they might even be folded 60/40 and then includes a flip up rear seat cushion. Air conditioner can be a aspect relating to the entire set concerning capabilities. In the event you like tunes, this automobile also has an AM/FM radio using a Cd participant, MP3 participant with clock, and additionally 4 speakers.

The ey would be to have a distinct image in our mind relating to the finished item we choose to make. Just before you begin you should do your exploration at come across good examples concerning e-book addresses you prefer. That should you really allow you to visualize the end solution you really want.

They had been made use of everywhere to cover up the necessary things concerning their needs to carry and maintain. Later on did variations and then means concerning affordable stylish bags changed if the world started off accepting extra relating to elegant packets other than the basic types. But their styling plus molding appear up being a hindrance in packers as they get restricted to form them together with print on them though around the plastic bags they can be certain regarding the prints labels whilst might have it on for lengthier time as well.

Thursday, 29 November 2012 Pushes Top Flash Sale Sites to Help With Aggregation and Syndication today announced some of the efforts they are taking to involve the top flash fashion websites. Flash sale sites are young, but are failing to participate in aggregation services that syndicate their deals to millions o women's jackets f consumers. is establishing new relationships with flash sale sites and offering expertise to develop feeds to help facilitate syndication of each store's deals.

The flash sale industry is still relatively new and has companies scrambling to set business plans in motion. Aggregators are playing a pivotal role in the growth of the industry by leveling the field to allow new businesses to be able to compete next to the big names in the industry. RetailFetish has been working around the clock to build strong relationships among the flash sites community to allow the best deals for its clients with great ease.

By building strong relationships with these companies, it allows the aggregation service to syndicate all the best deals to millions of consumers. In addition to negotiating with the top fashion flash sites, many niche fashion flash sites are quickly forming, bringing more competition to the top websites and more variety for consumers. is a fashion deal aggregator that pulls the latest deals from the best online shopping sites for both men's and women's flash sales. RetailFetish features over 20 retailers including all the top flash sales sites like,,,,,,,,,, and many others. Users may select men's fashion or women's fashion and are only alerted when there's a deal that they might actually be interested in purchasing.

To get started finding the best mens clothing sale or womens clothing sale, please visit


SEO Works Agency Announce Partnership With Yoga Clothing Manufacturer Asquith London

Based in Sheffield, the SEO Works Agency are a professional organisation providing search engine optimisation services. Their team of experts include technicians, online marketing experts and content managers.

Together this team produce organic SEO services and results due to their experience and knowledge of SEO, for clients throughout the UK. Their successes speak for themselves, with more than 800 rankings on Google in the top three. Over 70% of all clicks go to the top five sites on Google.

The SEO Works Agency are experts at boosting the rankings of a website so that it can be more easily found by their customers. Search Engine Optimisation works differently to other popular ways of promoting a business. As google rankings increase, more traffic lands on a website, which then has the opportunity to convert this traffic into sales.

The SEO Works Agency works for a vast range of clients from hotels to estate agents, and unlike many other SEO companies, they have strict quality controls and keep projects in-house rather than subcontracting projects out.

Adhering carefully t women's jackets o white hat SEO techniques ensures that rather than promising rapid results which only temporarily boost search engine rankings, clients can achieve the best value long-term results, helping them to improve their customers' opinions of their website as well as outranking any competitors.

Asquith London manufacture a range of luxurious organic cotton and bamboo yoga clothes which have been designed especially for use during yoga and pilates. These flattering and coordinating garments come in various soft tones enabling wearers to mix and match to create their own looks. All their naturally breathable fabrics mean customers can enjoy the best comfort and support when enjoying leisure activities, giving them complete freedom of movement.

Asquith London manufacture their clothes in a family-run factory in Southern Turkey, where employees are fairly treated and have good standards of working conditions which are regularly vetted. The factory is organic, using organic cotton and dyes, rather than conventional cotton which is often farmed by those who live in poverty.

Non-organic cotton makes up ten percent of the world's agriculture and uses a quarter of the world's pesticides. The WHO estimates that there are over 20,000 deaths every year in developing countries which are caused by pesticide poisoning, many of which can be traced back to cotton farming. Organic farming of cotton ensures that there are no chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilisers used in the production methods of Asquith yoga clothes.

Asquith London also manufacture clothing made from bamboo, which is a strong and durable fabric that is environmentally friendly and produces luxurious soft clothing. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and grows quickly and easily in a range of conditions.

Clothes made with organic materials feel softer, are more biodegradable and are kinder to skin than those which have been exposed to chemical interventions. Asquith clothes are ideal for healthy and active women who care about the environment, and want to look great without compromising on their comfort.

Asquith have two collections a year, and their range is classic and timeless, so will never be out of fashion. The range includes styles that can be layered and worn in different ways to suit a range of shapes and lifestyles. Each piece is made with the best quality materials, so the user can be assured that their clothing won't stretch, shrink or bobble.

How To Become A Plus Size Model The UK Model Agencies Way, As New Pages Are Added To The Ever Expanding Website All About Modelling

UK Model Agencies are proud to announce their new pages open for business. Aimed at helping a larger model make the best of themselves, the website with the largest database of model agents in the UK add new pages to their ever expanding website. Sourcing the latest up to date modelling information and news and passing it onto their readers, the team at UKMA have researched the market and know what they're about.

"Larger models are really stepping into their own time," explains Helen Stark, fashion editor for UKMA."It's fashionable for companies to show 'real' looking models at the moment and there is a backlash for airbrushing and too thin models. The buying public seem to have had enough of the unreal looking, unachievable model shape for most, particularly female models. Companies promoting clothing for the high street want to represent the current demographic and with the average woman in the UK a size 12-14, it's about time plus size models got a real shot and were accepted in the industry."

The model agency experts are at the very heart of the modelling industry and women's jackets have seen a surge in plus size models chatting to each other on the new UKMA Facebook page.

"It's been great seeing our models all encouraging each other, sharing photos and compliments. It gives me great pleasure to see a network beginning to form and models making contact with each other, swapping stories, gossip and inside information," says Jim Dawson, Chief Press Officer "At the click of a mouse we have hundreds of agents spread all over the country and a lot of them are on the lookout for those models over the size 12 bracket. Modelling has always been competitive and even more so as the current climate dictates many companies aren't taking many new faces on their books." He goes onto explain, "A lot of men and women don't feel they're in the running because they may feel they are too big, but that's simply not the case. It's so much more acceptable for models of a larger shape and size to make it in this industry and now has never been a better time to try."

Visit and see the latest plus size model information, news and advice as the pages are added.

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Amber Lee Ettinger Donating Portion of One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Sale Proceeds To Hurricane Sandy Victims

Amber Lee Ettinger will hold a weeklong benefit for the victims of Hurricane Sandy through the sales of her handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs of Inspired By Amber. Purchase holiday gifts, Thanksgiving accessories, and jewelry for New Year events and be fashionable while helping others.

Online at, 25% from every purchase of Inspired By Amber designs sold November 6th-12th will be donated to Save the Children Federation, Inc., an expert-recommended 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which is currently dedicating its efforts to saving lives affected by Hurricane Sandy by providing food, medical care, and education to rebuild communities through long-term recovery programs.

"Taking action is essential right now. Although I'm currently living in Los Angeles, I'm doing everything I can to help Hurricane Sandy victims on the East Coast. People have lost their homes, food, and everyday necessities. Unfortunately, some have lost their loved ones. This is a time to help our neighbors, no matter where you live. This week marks a crucial time for our nation as we make decisions and choose the next leader of our country, an individual who will do well and do good for our fellow American citizens. One decision we definitely should make is this: Put your boundaries aside and take action to directly help those affected by these life-threatening natural disasters," states Amber Lee Ettinger, designer and co-owner of Inspired By Amber.

Visit and treat yourself, friends, and family to a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry in honor of the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Inspired By Amber is a collection of handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry designed by Roseann Ettinger and Amber Lee Ettinger, a mother-daughter team with a love for both vintage and new. Originally established in the early 1980s by Roseann with the help of Amber, Inspired By Amber was the result of Roseann researching period jewelry, as well as writing books on antiques and collectibles specializing in antique jewelry and vintage clothing. Roseann also established "Remember When," an antique and vintage clothing store in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Daughter Amber is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she earned a degree in Fashion Design. After rising to online fame as Barely Political's "Obama Girl," Amber Lee Ettinger was named #1 of E! Online's "Hottest Women of the Web" in 2008. The jewelry designer, actress, and model has also appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and has become a regular guest on Fox News and MSNBC. Labeled "clever" by Barack Obama, Amber has also been feat women's jackets ured in GQ, Time, People, and Wire, among other publications, and has been viewed more than 110 million times globally. Amber continues to use her buzzing presence in the public eye and her fan base of millions to support environmental causes, as well as to influence youth to make make a difference in society, whether though the arts, environmental work, or politics. To view Amber's collection, visit http://www.InspiredByAmber. Follow Amber on Twitter @AmberEttinger.

8383 Fusion
Mary Beth Sáles

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These remarkable designs inside a leather-based bag will be the appropriate checklist for you personally

Your Internet web internet site . This really is 1 set off the provides about the goal why they're a lot of critical roles in photoshop value australia scenario. This might substantially lessen down on generation time. A language translator is a very good journey present product to the family members who goes to be travelling to diversified international locations. This journey present translates a lot of terms and also furthermore phrases into other languages not to mention may even include distinctive traits that permit you to retrieve which means as you hear international phrases or phrases. Useful to carry and before long following that then relatively beneficial, a language translator allows an avid traveller to comprehensively delight in their desired destination frequently predominantly for the reason that he/she can communicate during the route of the group persons at this time currently.

Sounds very painful, doesn it? Not on the lookout for comfy sneakers may very well be the result in that definitely some brides swap to flip-flops for that period of the reception. When a speedy wardrobe modify is just one reply, seem at tests out the footwear you shop for effectively in advance. 1 about some extra program marriage ceremony solutions that authorities suggest is usually to wander about your house to interrupt the sneakers in collectively with in addition ensure you don get any frustrating blisters along the best way.

You by no means understand how several achievable buyers you'll be capable of get to in this way. Place a coupon code to the fliers so you'll be capable of monitor your superb results! At any time experience the bus or teach? Persons out in general public are frequently testing a person else's attire so use yours to market your internet internet site. The expense associated with this could certainly be affordable.

Skin is particularly impacted additionally then begins to speedily age. Other harmful chemical ingredients in cigarettes also harm the pores and skin, top to your yellowish colour and before long immediately after that then significantly less adaptability. As before long a cigarette smoking ceases, blood move starts off to return furthermore in addition harmful toxins are taken out best to significantly enhanced skin.

It also assists you to assess fees simply. So, subsequent time you method to get a fashionable backpack bag, go to amass a discount leather-based handbag which may very well be definitely value the cash put in. These luggage are essentially developed to carry a bit an entire good deal far more than the standard types. As said, this tote bag arrives within a burnished leather complete with smooth leather trims to not mention leather piping on seams, which substantially brighten the dull shades in fall to not mention winter time at the same time as radiant you freshness and elegance. Inverted pleat element at entrance and back makes the plain-designed purse additional modern to not refer to then female even with the point that the plaited cord belt about top rated rated rated is an eye-catching even so useful layout and elegance for it would used to modify the measurement relating to the bag based on your requires. The legendary Equestrian Knight Emblem and moreover also trademark 'Burberry proven 1856' inscription is embossed at entrance exhibiting the sumptuousness regarding Burberry purse.

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3 ballerina tea dieters drink for effective all-natural weight reduction

We will have to Feel all relating to the points we are capable of: providing and also nurturing daily life, helping those needy, being someone's rock and then shelter. That someone in this globe wants us not to mention enjoys us, helping us through thick skinny. We're strong enough to deal with challenges together with wide open for modifications that may happen to us.

You also do not constantly require to pack almost everything. Several times it's helpful to depart bound products inside your home as of late it might protect against revenue to get some toiletries this kind of although you on the street. Getting alongside certain normal health treatment products may well not solely be needless nonetheless also terribly pricey if you received to verify certain baggage.

Virtual casinos at the moment are a few web pages that provide Chinese Halloween costumes, the Anais Gvani Women's Multicolored Logo Satchel with Belted Accents-Pink/Taupe/White might have plants. Free of charge MP3 download internet sites may be located also. home windows 7 household top quality rates home windows seven house premium value comparison lyrics. Certified meal plastic answer should not bear any peculiar smell. Request. If the primary function is regarding including foods, we really should specially take care plus learn about plastic product software irrespective of whether suitable for food reservation from salesman.

Pick the correct travel suitcase. Suitcases are accessible in diverse sizes and also diverse features. Consider how quite a few times you'll be gone plus how lots of products you require to match inside a travel suitcase. You would like to be the Gucci or Nordstrom's concerning your industry? Differentiate. It's not complex, nor does it call for diabolical genius. It is a method relating to analyzing what you do, examining what your consumers have mentioned about you, plus your competitors and additionally figuring out what's unique.

Anais Gvani Women's Multicolored Logo Satchel with Belted Accents-Pink/Taupe/White

It could possibly be appealing to visit a physical location for ostomy supplies, but the offered selection will be smaller here than at any place else. Be prepared to pay more funds in the event you go this route to purchase ostomy supplies. Your greatest bet is to visit a non-chain drug store, if possible, because chains will not carry much in-store and then don't more often than not supply great customer service.

Handbags are typically a fundamental part related with each and every woman's lifestyle and complete outlook. They have long been a part for women's outfit from the seventeenth that marked the beginning relating to flamboyant fashion in history. As Alexander McQueen stated, "It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules.

Hip bags allow the people using them to do any sort of activity using their hands without the worry associated with losing their personal effects. Hip bags make it possible for the people using them to do any kind of activity using their hands without the worry related with losing their personal effects. The way the trendy handbags for women are created, ensures that they comfortably match on a person's waist so as not to move or slide off when an individual bends over.

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Physician Career Doctoring in the United States

A physician (also called doctor in some places) is a person who practices medicine. In the United States, the term physician is traditional and commonly used. In Britain & Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, the term doctor is more common (and in formal/legal contexts, medical practitioner as well), as physician refers to specialists in internal medicine.
Because of the extensive training requirements, physicians are traditionally considered to be members of a learned profession.

In all developed countries, entry-level medical education programs are tertiary-level courses undertaken at a medical school pertaining to a university. Depending on jurisdiction and university, these may be either undergraduate-entry or graduate-entry programs. Following completion of entry-level training, newly graduated doctors are often required to undertake a period of supervised practice before full registration is granted; this may be referred to as "internship" or "conditional registration".

Further training in a particular field of medicine may be undertaken. In some jurisdictions this is commenced immediately following completion of entry-level training, whilst other jurisdictions require junior doctors to undertake generalist (un-streamed) training for a number of years before commencing specialization. Various teaching methodologies have been utilized in medical education, which is an active area of educational research.

In the USA, there are two types of physicians. Allopathic physicians hold a MD and osteopathic physicians hold a DO. Both physicians are fully licensed to practice in all 50 states. In most jurisdictions, physicians need government permission to practice. This is known as licensing in the United States. Regulating authorities will revoke permission to practice in cases of malpractice or serious misconduct.

Graduates of Foreign Medical Schools, who enter USA have to pass USMLE step 1 and 2 ECFMG and do a residency program to qualify for a state license. After graduating from medical school, American physicians usually take a standardized exam which enables them to obtain a certificate to practice from the appropriate state agency. All American states have an agency which is usually called the "Medical Board," although there are alternate names such as "Board of Medicine," "Board of Medical Examiners," "Board of Medical Licensure," "Board of Healing Arts," etc. Australian states usually have a "Medical Board," while Canadian provinces usually have a "College of Physicians and Surgeons."

In the United States, as a result of the war on drugs, pharmaceuticals are strictly regulated at the federal level by the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration. All practicing American physicians who intend to prescribe controlled substances must obtain a number from the DEA, and that DEA number must appear on all their prescriptions. Use of the DEA number enables dispensing pharmacists or the DEA to ensure that a physician is not dispensing potentially addictive or harmful drugs, such as opiates or stimulants, in contravention to accepted standards of care.

Medical care is shared between the medical profession (physicians or doctors) and other professionals such as nurses and pharmacists, sometimes known as allied health professionals. Historically, only those with a medical doctorate have been considered to practice medicine. Clinicians (licensed professionals who deal with patients) can be physicians, nurses, therapists or others. The medical profession is the social and occupational structure of the group of people formally trained and authorized to apply medical knowledge. Many countries and legal jurisdictions have legal limitations on who may practice medicine.

Medicine comprises various specialized sub-branches, such as cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, or other fields such as sports medicine, research or public health.

Human societies have had various different systems of health care practice since at least the beginning of recorded history. Medicine, in the modern period, is the mainstream scientific tradition which developed in the Western world since the early Renaissance (around 1450). Many other traditions of health care are still practiced throughout the world; most of these are separate from Western medicine, which is also called biomedicine, allopathic medicine or the Hippocratic tradition. The most highly developed of these are traditional Chinese medicine and the Ayurvedic traditions of India and Sri Lanka. Various non-mainstream traditions of health care have also developed in the Western world. These systems are sometimes considered companions to Hippocratic medicine, and sometimes are seen as competition to the Western tradition. Few of them have any scientific confirmation of their tenets, because if they did they would be brought into the fold of Western medicine.

"Medicine" is also often used amongst medical professionals as shorthand for internal medicine. Veterinary medicine is the practice of health care in animal species other than human beings.

The earliest type of medicine in most cultures was the use of plants (Herbalism) and animal parts. This was usually in concert with 'magic' of various kinds in which animism (the notion of inanimate objects having spirits; or communion with ancestor spirits), shamanism (the vesting of an individual with mystic powers), and divination (the supposed obtaining of truth by magic means) played a major role.

The practice of medicine combines both science and art. Science and technology are the evidence base for many clinical problems for the general population at large. The art of medicine is the application of this medical knowledge in combination with intuition and clinical judgment to determine the proper diagnoses and treatment plan for each unique patient and to treat the patient accordingly women's coats .

Central to medicine is the patient-doctor relationship established when a person with a health concern or problem seeks the help of a physician (i.e. the medical encounter). Other health professionals similarly establish a relationship with a patient and may perform interventions from their perspective, e.g. nurses, radiographers and therapists.

Medical care delivery is classified into primary, secondary and tertiary care. Primary care medical services are provided by physicians or other health professionals who has first contact with a patient seeking medical treatment or care. These occur in physician's office, clinics, nursing homes, schools, home visits and other places close to patients. About 90% of medical visits can be treated by the primary care provider. These include treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, preventive care and health education for all ages and both sex.

Ponies Not Just For Adults - Ponies Offer Alternatives - Youth And Adult

Ponies are often thought of as first mounts. There are many misconceptions, stated and unstated, about these smaller statured members of the equine world.

"Ponies are mean." Ponies are no meaner than horses *if* they are treated the same way. The problem comes with the misconception because ponies are kid sized they're born knowing everything and don't need training...and people who would never put an 8 year old on an unbroke Thoroughbred will put the same 8 year old on an unbroke pony then wonder why the pony misbehaves. Just like horses, ponies need training. With the same training ponies will act like the big horses.

Ponies *are* more susceptible to overfeeding, founder and other issues than many horses are. Another misconception is that a fat pony is good - a fat pony is unhealthy and a problem waiting to happen, just like his 16 hand counterparts. Fat is not healthy...a pony will eat less than a horse and should be fed accordingly.

Ponies don't need shoes - which depends on the use. For those riding on rocks, showing and other situations where you would shoe a big horse, ponies should be the same way. And, like their counterparts, they should be trained to stand quietly for the farrier.

Ponies can be an outstanding confidence builder for a younger rider. A well trained pony that looks out for her rider is worth the cost. If you balk at paying a reasonable cost for a trained pony take a look at what a trip to the emergency room cost and consider again if that pony is too much.

Not just children ride ponies! Older riders are increasingly turning to ponies - easier to get on, not as far to fall and ponies get where they need to go. From the POA to the Gypsy Cob to the Welsh to the "ordinary pony" they can offer an alternative to scrambling up the side of a 16 hand horse for shorter riders!

Like the larger sized horses, ponies can come in a wide variety of colors, looks and patterns. There's Appaloosa and pinto and buckskins and duns. Some hold papers in horse registries but due to size are considered ponies despite AQHA, Arabian, Morgan or other papers. Ponies have excelled not only in a wide variety of activities but as Pony Club mounts, jumpers, driving and much more.

Some organizations, such as the POA club, have a program for adults to compete in futurities, insuring that those ponies are well trained as young horses and therefore suitable all around ponies for youth. There are stallion futurities and a focus on producing *good* ponies, not just breathing hayburners.

Good ponies don't necessarily need papers - and many a beloved pony had an unknown pedigree. Many a youth has learned to ride, learned horsemanship and, with a good pony, been dumped just enough to know what *not* to do and that giving a horse respect is a wise choice. They're draped with costumes and in a few hours compete in pleasure, barrels and trail. They're patient enough to put up with mistakes and smart enough to not panic no matter the situation. They know when to disobey.

Sometimes, especially with youth, this is a good thing! One case of a pony who would ride anywhere, crossing up a hill, over railroad tracks and part way down the hill on the other side he stopped and refused to move. No amount of kicking or slapping with the reins would make him move so the young owner, in exasperation, got off and found a branch hidden in the grass wound around his back legs. Rather than move and risk falling, he bore the slaps without flinching.

Like the larger horses, ponies need proper housing, medical care, teeth and feet care and regular deworming. Limited access to grass, and eliminating founder, means protecting his feet for life. While a horse may be turned out for an afternoon you might limit a pony to an hour or so. Keep him fresh and happy to be caught - if you give him a little grain after bringing him in from the pasture he associates being caught with getting grain, not going inside. This can be just two or three cups, depending on the size of the pony, just enough that they get something. Some smaller ponies do well on just a couple handfuls of grain and good grass hay. Remember to scale back the hay - if the big horses get a 10 pound flake your pony may only need women's coats five pounds.

There are a variety of looks in ponies, from the 'exotic' look of the Exmoor to the flashy leopards of POAs or the rugged look of the Welsh. Modern Shetlands and Hackneys can sometimes look like small Saddlebreds, and are more of an adult driving pony than a child's pony, with a little more fire and flash than most children can handle. The traditional shetland is a long time favorite, with one of the biggest criticisms being they're so quickly outgrown.

Whatever type of riding or driving you want to do there's a pony available to fill the need. The Gypsy Cob is on the larger side somewhat, and offers a draft look for those who would like something to work around the farm as well as be able to ride. The smaller Morgans might be 14.2 or 14.3 - near enough to be considered a pony. For child or adult - consider the pony!

"Cold Fusion", aka 'Lexington', looks like a big horse but is small enough to be easily handled by children. A Gypsy Cob, his heavy bone and flashy coat is typical of his breed.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sporting Collie Dog

The Collie dog makes an excellent sporting dog, and can be taught to do the work of the Pointer and the Setter, as well as that of the Water Spaniel and the Retriever. He can be trained to perform the duties of other breeds. He is clever at hunting, having an excellent nose, is a good vermin-killer, and a most faithful watch, guard, and companion.

Little is known with certainty of the origin of the Collie, but his cunning and his outward appearance would seem to indicate a relationship with the wild dog. Buffon was of opinion that he was the true dog of nature, the stock and model of the whole canine species. He considered the Sheepdog superior in instinct and intelligence to all other breeds, and that, with a character in which education has comparatively little share, he is the only animal born perfectly trained for the service of man.

At the shows this type of dog is invariably at the top of the class. He is considered the most tractable, and is certainly the most agile. Second to this type in favour is the smooth-coated variety, a very hard, useful dog, well adapted for hill work and usually very fleet of foot. He is not so sweet in temper as the black and white, and is slow to make friends. There is not a more graceful and physically beautiful dog to be seen than the show Collie of the present period. Produced from the old working type, he is now practically a distinct breed.

The skull should be flat, moderately wide between the ears, and gradually tapering towards the eyes. There should only be a slight depression at stop. The width of skull necessarily depends upon combined length of skull and muzzle; and the whole must be considered in connection with the size of the dog. The cheek should not be full or prominent.

The muzzle should be of fair length, tapering to the nose, and must not show weakness or be snipy or lippy. Whatever the colour of the dog may be, the nose must be black. The teeth should be of good size, sound and level; very slight unevenness is permissible. The jaws Clean cut and powerful. The eyes are a very important feature, and give expression to the dog; they should be of medium size, set somewhat obliquely, of almond shape, and of a brown colour except in th women's jackets e case of merles, when the eyes are frequently (one or both) blue and white or china; expression full of intelligence, with a quick alert look when listening. The ears should be small and moderately wide at the base, and placed not too close together but on the top of the skull and not on the side of the head. When in repose they should be usually carried thrown back, but when on the alert brought forward and carried semi-erect, with tips slightly drooping in attitude of listening.

The neck should be muscular, powerful and of fair length, and somewhat arched. The body should be strong, with well sprung ribs, chest deep, fairly broad behind the shoulders, which should be sloped, loins very powerful. The dog should be straight in front. The fore-legs should be straight and muscular, neither in nor out at elbows, with a fair amount of bone; the forearm somewhat fleshy, the pasterns showing flexibility without weakness. The hind-legs should be muscular at the thighs, clean and sinewy below the hocks, with well bent stifles. The feet should be oval in shape, soles well padded, and the toes arched and close together.

In general character he is a lithe active dog, his deep chest showing lung power, his neck strength, his sloping shoulders and well bent hocks indicating speed, and his expression high intelligence. He should be a fair length on the leg, giving him more of a racy than a cloddy appearance. In a few words, a Collie should show endurance, activity, and intelligence, with free and true action. In height dogs should be 22 ins. to 24 ins. at the shoulders, bitches 20 ins. to 22 ins. The weight for dogs is 45 to 65 lbs., bitches 40 to 55 lbs. The smooth collie only differs from the rough in its coat, which should be hard, dense and quite smooth.

To generate these bags much more desirable

After you may have expelled your initially enema and then most relating to the fecal issue around the toilet, you will need to repeat the process. This time keep to the exact same process, but now try and enhance the quantity relating to h2o. Along with your colon now vacant, you'll have space for much more water.

Shares concerning Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd. are seeing a spike in volume price tag as the burgeoning agency and father or mother organization to FUSE Science, Inc. released information nowadays with regards to its new partnership with Tiger Woods. A great sturdy tent, loads concerning room sleeps three quick, two windows plus two doors both connected with which can be coated in the within. There also two vents which can be found in handy for one month camps or over. Lots concerning head room in this tent, you are able to easily sit up within devoid of straining your neck together with I a tall bloke.

Now that you might have your clippings he rest is quite easy, fill a a single crossbody messenger bag about a single quarter complete of moist potting soil. To assist avert excessive moisture wet your soil completely and then then permit it to empty within a pot with holes within the base or on the piece associated with screen. Empower it to empty only lengthy sufficient to stop dripping.

You are also able to select a major not to mention secondary ability. Take into account of what intentions you have for your skill, for instance constructing a residence, boat or crafting some armors. You can find 3 kinds about crafters, artificers, outfitters and then blacksmiths. The measurements regarding this pack are 44" x 29" x 17.5" (112cm x 74cm x 44cm). The volume is 7,850 cu. inches or 128L.

Harvesting chives is actually a very simple process. Only snip some connected with those leaves (the gentle inexperienced shoots) down to the base. The chives vegetation will carry on replenishing by itself by regrowing the leaves continuously for the duration of its developing period.. Camper awnings that are ten feet or extended also incorporate a heart assistance. When you have to lengthen the camper awning, you can roll it out towards the total duration or quit at any length that you favor. This can be correct about the popup campers awnings at the same time regarding the awnings used by having an RV.

Dasein Elegant Pleated Evening Bag Clutch with Rhinestone Flower Brooch-Red

The lesson? I think that you can find two. The 1st is that setting out to win in an overlooked market by sewing up distribution not to mention eliminating reasons for the distributors to switch is usually a fine plan when it works. And then the other is that you will discover plenty related with markets where competition is thin and then becoming a slave to fashion not only isn't necessary, it's not even a very good idea.

Live inside of your means. That means really sticking to a tight budget. Consider staying home on weekends instead related with likely to shopping centers. It also came within a designer satchels a single have a look at it you think you can expect to never get the tent back in, but it does really easily. The only slight problem I discovered was that the nylon carry bag is 27 inches long with a diamiter connected with 7 inch, which meant I could not fit in my ruck sack, But it wasnt a problem carrying it. Would recommend this tent to anyone, effectively worth the money..

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Shopping for Police Gear Holsters

Police gear holsters are not just gun holsters. Police need to carry more than just a firearm to protect and serve there city and state. Let's take a look at the different types of holsters that the police officer would need to shop for.

Duty Belts

The police gear holsters or sometimes called a duty belt, carries everything a police officer might need in the line of duty. Beginning with his service revolver or 'sidearm' as it's called because it's always at their side, add to that a magazine, or extra round of bullets, handcuffs, flashlight, handcuff keys, nightstick, and cell phone or pager, and the police officers have a full belt.

Gear Holsters

Many police officers prefer, especially those not in uniforms, like the detectives, to wear gear holsters instead of the duty belts. These gear holsters come in a variety of styles to be worn under clothes or around your ankle so as not to be detected by the average person walking down the street.

Concealment Shirts

The first piece of clothing that has a built in gear holster is a concealment T-shirt. This is a crew neck T-shirt, they also come in V-neck, with the gear hol fashion coats ster built in under the arm where no one can see it if you put another shirt over this one, which is what is how it's meant to be worn. They come in white and dark gray and are made for both policemen and policewomen.

Concealment Shorts

Like the concealment T-shirt, only just for men, the concealment shorts are designed with a sewn in holster, one on the left and one on the right, to comfortable carry your firearm. These men's shorts are called compression shorts because of their snug fit and are made of surgical grade materials. They can be worn under jeans, running shorts, suits, any clothing where you want to hide a gun but don't want the added bulk of a gear holster weighing you down.

Belly Belt

There is the belly belt which seems self-explanatory, it's a belt, worn under your clothing and around your belly, which has a gear holster for your firearm already built in. No one can detect you have a gun when you are wearing this, unless you are being patted down.

Like the belly belt, the personal concealment belt allows you to put personal items, such as keys, cell phone, ipod, pen and paper and just about anything you need to carry, tucked away in this soft, yet durable band that goes around your waist and is concealed by your jeans or pants.

Paddle Holster

The paddle holster, which resembles a ping pong paddle, yet is much more relaxed to wear! You don't need a belt with this one, and it can be worn comfortably all day long. Although, you can slip it onto a belt without having to take the belt off. Your gun slips right in and out without pulling the holster out of place. It's made of a padded or semi quilted material that resists sweat, extreme heat and cold, moisture and rain. This is very popular with the plain clothed police officers who work long hours.

Shoulder Holster

There are times when a police officer's only choice is to wear a shoulder holster. When wearing a heavy winter coat or while driving a car long distances, a gear holster for the shoulder make good sense. They are available in black or tan and are adjustable to fit any frame. Your gun and its holster, which is built into the shoulder straps, are always by your side, at your waist. They come in a single or double over the shoulder style and are very comfortable to wear.


Just like the shoulder holster the frontpack, which will hold your firearm and anything else you might need, is a favorite among cyclists and joggers. This fits neatly in front of you on your chest. It allows the weight of your firearm to be distributed more evenly while riding a bicycle or jogging. The padded design helps keep the items in place so they are not going to fall out during a chase or strenuous activity and helps to eradicate the bounce. Your gun is still accessible in a matter of seconds and it's comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

When it is impossible to where a belted holster or shoulder gun holder, there is only one other place to put your firearm and that would be around your ankle. There are many designs out there for comfort, with sheepskin between your leg and the holster, large Velcro straps to allow for little gun movement and molded leather to hold the gun in place.

Your bag will need to be massive sufficient to hold the basics

In 2005 Polaris bought a twenty five percent curiosity in Austrian motorcycle producer KTM started a few vital strategic projects with KTM intended to enhance the competitive place about each corporations together with provide tangible positive aspects to their respective consumers, sellers, suppliers and shareholders. Additionally, Polaris and then KTM's largest shareholder, Cross Industries AG ("Cross"), entered into an option agreement, which supplied that below certain conditions in 2007, either Cross could acquire Polaris' desire in KTM or, alternatively, Polaris could acquire Cross' desire in KTM. In December 2006, Polaris and then Cross cancelled the selection arrangement entered right into a reveal acquire settlement for the sale by the corporation about roughly 1.38 million shares for KTM, or around eighty % for its investment decision in KTM, to a subsidiary concerning Cross.

Dasein Soft Matte Croco Texture Shoulder Bag with Braided Accent-Black/Grey

Buy cheap hobo bags online!Click here!The buttons concerning the Curve are accessible not to mention protected by way of push-through tabs built into the hard-shell layer. The ports are protected as well with attached, pull-out tabs on the silicone layer that act as plugs to keep dirt build-up from forming in the port openings. As stated above, the screen protector is attached to the hard layer, so no additional installation is required.

Spending eight hours or even more in your workplace is rather a task; you do this routine for 5 days seven days, not to point out your overtime. But it's not significant much since you can get work plus earn an income to finance all your outlays. If you've a household, you ought to work even more challenging.

Office chair design has come far far from.If you want purchase cheap hobo bags,click here! Several get themsel . You can dress up your home like the ones that are . A humidor is an crucial item that will allow you to help keep the quality about your cigars. The storage box used for shipping cigars is meant for shipment only together with will not keep your cigars in their best condition for a long time. His briefcase not merely keeps his papers essential files organized, but it protects his valuable laptop not to mention electronics safe from harm.

Sell Your House Faster by Dressing It Up

At one time, selling a home was best left to professionals. Today, there are many tools to assist a home owner sell a house on their own. And they often do it faster and better. Turn on the television and you will see a plethora of programs dedicated to the art and science of selling your house. Homeowners are beginning to realize that they have the power to sell their own homes and keep more money in their pockets.

If you've decided to sell your house, one of the first things to do is make it market-ready. Many homeowners believe this means fixing drywall dents, painting, replacing carpeting and such. While these things are important, there are other aesthetic considerations to consider. Some are less expensive and may help sell your house quickly without undertaking a major renovation project.

Many home buyers have their own ideas about things like floor coverings. Unless there is structural damage or the carpeting is in bad repair, money sunk into a floor renovation may not be the best use of your assets. Instead, it makes more sense to direct your financial efforts into changes which will improve the aesthetics of your home, "dress it up," but won't alter it.

Changes such as:

* Painting. A new owner will probably come in and paint again anyway. But a new coat of paint can go a long way to improving the appearance of a home's interior. Look for bargains on paint, like mis-tints, overstock sales, etc. Don't worry as much about picking a color that appeals to you personally. Rather, pick a color that is modern, but not garish and most of all, cost efficient!

* Curtains. Curtains are a great way to dress up a room. If you're handy with a sewing machine, make curtains out of secondhand fabric or even old sheets. If you don't sew, purchase some very basic and inexpensive curtains. Dress those up by adding decorative pulls or tie-backs.

* Consider renting furniture. If your own furniture is sparse or worn, consider renting some furniture for a month or two. Furniture rental is relatively inexpensive and nice furniture can really change a prospective buyer's perception of your home's interior. Spending $50-$150 on furniture rental is better than letting your home languish on the market for several months.

* Move your furniture. Maybe your furniture isn't arranged to highlight your interior's best aesthetic appearance. Practice a little bit of amateur feng shui and try different arrangements. Move things closer together or further apart until you get a look that is no longer stagnant.

* Embellish with things that you have on hand. Remember those paper fans that Aunt Gertie brought you from her trip to China? They can be turned into a decorative, Zen-like display when combined with a clear glass vase of water, rocks and a Siamese fighting fish to fill a wall alcove or grace a table top.

* Enlist the help of a friend. Sometimes when you've lived in a home for a long time, you no longer see it through the eyes of an outsider. Chances are that amongst your friends and acquaintances, you have at least one friend who is creative and visionary. Let this friend be your objective eyes. Invite him or her over to give you a perspective on your home. They will likely spot things that you don't. Together you may come up with ideas that will dress up your home and help you sell your house faster.

The key is not to spend money but rather to spend a little time looking at your house in a new way. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer. Take an afternoon to visit other homes for sale in your area if you need a little bit of inspiration on how to dress up your own home. It really doe women's jackets sn't take much money or even time to prepare your house for sale and to sell it quickly.

How to Create a Nutrition Diet for Your Horse

Every horse is different and every horse comes from and lives in different circumstances. There is no hard and fast rule as to what a horse owner should feed their animal, but rather a horse owner must examine what that particular horse needs to have in its diet. This can be a tricky task, but with the help of a veterinarian and a little knowledge, a new horse owner will soon learn the ropes.

Equine nutritionists generally break down a horse's nutrition into six essential areas:


Water should be your very first concern when thinking about your horse's nutrition. Water regulates every system in a horse's body and without water or if the water has dangerous ingredients in it, a horse can become dehydrated and experience serious and debilitating conditions. A horse will need to take enough water to match its activities level. A working horse and a horse kept for leisure will have different water intake requirement. Horses sweat like humans do, and this loss in water must be replaced accordingly.


This nutrient is found in every food substance that grows on earth from cattle to dandelions. Even though humans generally associate protein with meat or dairy, a horse will get its protein from vegetable sources. Alfalfa is usually a good source of protein, especially in its second or third cutting.

Protein is necessary for muscle growth among other functions and it is especially important that a young horse be given enough protein so its growth can continue unhindered. A great sign that a horse might not be getting enough protein is the development of a rough coat of hair.


This nutrient is the basic energy unit that you will find in most forms of horse feed. Carbohydrates are easily digestible and provide ready and quick energy. A horse left to graze all day will consume all its necessary carbohydrates, but since most horses do not have this luxury, they must be fed a grain such as corn, oats, or barley.

It is vital to control the amount of carbohydrates in a horse's diet. Giving a horse a sudden burst of carbohydrates such as sugar could cause a fashion jackets online form of colic.


While most fats are not present in large quantities in a horse's natural diet, they do have nutritional value. Additional fat can be added to your horse diet if the feed does not provide enough energy. Fat should be given only in limited quantities however to prevent disease and obesity. A horse's body has simply not developed to handle a large amount of fat, so a horse owner must be careful when adding it to avoid colic or gastrointestinal distress in their animal.


Because we feed horses foods other than their natural foraged diet, their feed will lack certain essential vitamins. Most horse owners love their horses so much and would not bear to see their quality if life suffer as a result of insufficient vitamins and minerals intake.

One of the ways to find out if your horse is having the required vitamins is to examine the food it consumes. Diets with plenty of grains tend to have lesser vitamin nutritional value. Horses on this diet, especially horses under stress are encourage to take more vitamin supplement. Your veterinarian can help you decide exactly what kind of vitamins and supplements to give your horse.


Minerals are necessary for the correct growth and regeneration of many parts of the body. These minerals are often present in forage, but again may be lacking in a high-grain diet. A horse on a diet that is low on minerals may not show obvious signs, however it may affect its health over time.

Copy And Profit Business System That Works

There are a lot of different ways to make money on the internet. One of the most popular ways is duplication. This means that you simply duplicate or copy what someone has already done and start making money right away.

Maybe your thinking that does no sound ehtical. Well guess what it is being done everyday and has been done for hundreds of years.Have you ever purchased 2 different types of tv's from different manufacturers. women's jackets They both use the same technology however they come in different boxes.

The same principle applies here. You can take a business system that has been proven to make money and copy it then you use it for you financial gain. Many in the internet business games do this for a living so people that are in the know do it all the time and you can too!

Why bother learning to catch fish when you can get them for free without really working for them.You really don't need to go through the entire learning process to create wealth from the internet. You can literaly take what you want or copy someone elses work and use it.

There are companies that will show exactly how to do this and make a fortune by doing so. This is information that is well guarded however when you know what you are looking for and how to find it eventually you will come across this information.

Information and knowledge is power.Empower yourself with the knowledge and you will become an internet success. Duplication is what all if the top internet marketers teach and is the key to their success. Sometimes they duplicate a successful business and make some good money. Then they take what they have copied and made it even better and make even more money.

You may be asking yourself ok how do I duplicate or copy someone elses successful business. Well it is rather simple to do. You just need to know where to look as I mentioned before.

It can be as simple as going to your favorite search engine and typing in "duplicate a business" then the results will show you what you may be looking for. Searching the internet is sometimes difficult and time consuming,that is why most people stay in the mainstream instead of going into the cash zone.

I call it copy and profit. You could search for that and see what you find. I have copied hundreds of business's and used them to make alot of money. Don't just take my word for it. Due some research and find out for yourself.This is very popular among the top internet marketers who are all practically working together to dominate the internet and make tons of cash.They all use the basic priciples of copying and profiting however they always one up the other and then they all move forward together.

That is one of the secrets to making money online. Get in with the guys that are are already doing it and then duplicate what they are doing and rife their coat tails until the ride stops. Guess what,it never stops. Once you have moved yourself into the elite inner cirlce you will discover new ways of making money on the internet all of the time.

You can put yourself into a position to profit constantly if you will put yourself in front of the cashflow. That is what I have done and any successful entrepreneur has done the same. I get started and I take the chance part oout of the equation. I do this duplicating what I know already works. I follow the top marketers and then I duplicate their business. They don't care and they make money as well in some cases from their wrok being copied.

I have met with some of the top marketers and they all have said the same thing ! They say that sounds awesome go for it. They also have said know your using your brain and starting to think like a genuine internet guru.

I don't have to be a guru like the Dalai Lama and obtain infinite wisdom before I can succeed. All I really need is the right knowledge and the right technolgy and I am in business.

So take it from me and you will find a way to make the money online if you are ready to copy and profit. I suggest you look into it because it is one of the most closely guarded secrets on the internet. You may have gone for yours without finding this out or you may have never figured it out on your own.

Now that you know what will you do with this information. Will you use to make money or just keep it a secret and keep doing what you are doing. The choice is yours,you have just acquired some insider information now put it to use and you will be happy you did !

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Defining the Soccer Positions

Soccer has become the most played and most popular sport in the world. It is full of action and excitement with non-stop thrills and spills. Anyone with young children who expresses an interest in learning what the British call the "beautiful game" should be encouraged to do so. It is great for fitness, agility and reaction time. It also teaches discipline as well as teamwork. However, before the dream of premiership contracts and big money come to reality. It might be a good idea to learn some of the positions involved in soccer.

One of the key positions is known as the sweeper. This person needs excellent ball handing techniques, as well as the ability to spot weaknesses in the defense. The sweeper travels behind the fullbacks. They are the last player in the defensive line up. They run from side to side to size up any gaps or holes formed in the teams play. It doesn't sound like the most glamorous of positions but the have a vital role to play.

Another key position is the center full back. These players do not travel nearly as much as the others. In fact the only player women's coats that travels less is the goalie. They however are involved in the head to head clashes with the opposing team. They are almost entirely defensive. They go after the most advanced player from the other side. To play this position one has to be a bit bold. Good techniques with the ball are also essential.

Next comes the full back. There are usually two and they are positioned on each side of the center full back. They defend the area known as the flank so there is a great deal of movement involved in this position. Fullbacks also get involved in the teams offense. To play this sport, good endurance is needed. One also needs quick reaction time.

The outside midfielder is one of the most difficult positions to play. The reason being the amount of endurance required. The midfielder covers the outer flank beyond the fullbacks. There is lots of running involved to cover their wide area. The midfielder is both defensive and offensive. Good ball technique and the ability to run long distances are needed to play this position.

One of the most important positions is the defensive midfielder. Their duties are much like the sweeper except they operate at the front. They roam laterally keeping an eye on teammates. If an opponent beats any of them, it is their job to come to the rescue.

The offensive midfielder is another position that requires lots of fitness. They are also known as centers and attackers. Their job is to move the ball while looking for open spaces. They need great fitness as well as technical skills.

The striker has the least amount of responsibility but a large amount of pressure. They simply stay in the front of the team formation and score. They rely on their strength and reaction time.

Finally there is the forward. They are most commonly associated with heading for the goal as soon as they get the ball. However they have other duties. They are expected to protect their own goal and support the midfielders.

Soccer is a wonderful sport for kids to learn. They can stay fit and increase their self-esteem. However, before those professional offers come pouring in they need to learn their positions. They may likely have to learn more than one to be a valuable asset to the team.

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Black and Tan Coonhound Quality Facts And Info

The Black and Tan Coonhound is a friendly dog that was bred in the United States to tree raccoons and scent hunt other animals. They prefer to stay outdoors and can tolerate heat and cold. They need lots of exercise and it is best to have them on a farm or to have plenty of properly fenced in area for them to run in. They are good watch dogs and generally work well with other dogs. They need to be brushed occasionally but do need regular ear maintenance.

They have low trainability so they are generally not trained for other tasks besides the hunt. They are good with older children but may not tolerate younger ones. Just a reminder, never leave children of any age unsupervised with a puppy or dog for any length of time.

Approximate Adult Size

The approximate adult size (two years old or older) of the male Black And Tan Coonhound is 25 to 27 inches to the withers (highest point of the shoulder) and the females range from 23 to 25 inches to the withers. They weigh from 50 to 75 pounds with the males being heavier.

Special Health Considerations

Most dog breeds have certain inherited health problems associated with that specific breed and the Black And Tan Coonhound is no exception. The following can be a problem. Canine hip dysplasia (genetic based looseness in the hip joint that can lead to arthritis pain and lameness), Ear Canker (lack of air circulation, wax, dirt and moisture can lead to an ear infection characterized by dark discharge and foul odor), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (inherited disease of the retina that can cause vision loss and blindness) and a blood disorder Hemophilia B.

This disease list is an informative guideline only. Other diseases may also be significant threats, please contact your veterinarian if you think that your puppy or dog has a problem and for a complete list of breed specific diseases.
She should visit the veterinarian several times in the first year for shots, boosters and check up. Then, as an adult, she should visit the veterinarian yearly for shots and check up. As she gets older, six years and on, she should visit the veterinarian twice a year for check ups and shots. Also, avoid feeding your puppy or dog sweets.


The Black And Tan Coonhound has a short, glossy coat that needs occasional brushing. Brushing will help her maintain a clean women's jackets and healthy coat and also help you keep a closer eye on her health and strengthen your emotional bond with your pet. Additionally her ears need regular attention to help keep her from catching ear canker, an infection caused by damp, dirty ears that do not get enough air, a problem with breeds with pendulous ears.

Her teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities (rarely) and periodontal disease. Dog periodontal disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious disease.

Her toenails may need to be examined for growth and clipped regularly. The toenails of the rear feet grow slower than the toenails of the front feet. Generally a guillotine type trimmer is the best for this chore and competent instructions to accomplish this can be found on the net.

Life Span

The Black And Tan Coonhound can live between 10 and 12 years with proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions.


Hails all the way back to extinct hounds in the eleventh century plus Bloodhound, the American Foxhound and the English Foxhound. Mountain people of the United States from Virginia, The Great Smoky Mountains and the Ozarks developed the breed to tree raccoons and hunt game in general. The American Kennel Club first registered them in 1945.

Some Registries

* American Black and Tan Coonhound Club
* UKC United Kennel Club
* NKC National Kennel Club
* CKC Continental Kennel Club
* APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
* AKC American Kennel Club
* FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
* ACR American Canine Registry

Litter Size

7 to 8 Black And Tan Coonhound puppies



Terms To Describe

Hunter, lively, loyal, intelligent, courage, outgoing, friendly, even tempered, very active.


* Loves to hunt.
* Good watch dog.
* Can handle cold and heat.


* Low obedience.
* Mediocre guard dog.
* May wander off after a scent.
* Low trainability.

Other Names Known By

American Black and Tan Coonhound, Treeing Hound

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Considering Bath Renovations? These Are The Things You Have To Know

We obviously spend a lot of time in the household bath and they are the perfect place to relax in a warm bath or an invigorating shower. Over time,Over the course of time, however, even the cleanest and nicest bathroom will probably be in need of repair.

It's fairly common, after a number of years, to see tile or grout begin to chip or have the finishes fall into disrepair. It might be a good idea to plan some updates to at least some components of the bath every five or so years Of course some folks don't take any action unless it is totally necessary to consider undertaking rennovations or repairs at all.

We will assume that you're actually considering making at least a few updates and repairs in the near future.

A bathroom renovation can be an overwhelming prospect, so here are a couple of ideas that may possibly make the whole project a bit less difficult to deal with.

How much money is available for this project will definitely be the first thing you must consider Usually, this is the very first thing that creeps into a person's thoughts when they have to renovate anything; and it's no surprise that bathrooms are notorious for being money drains. You can expect that some of the major costs can be incurred if major electrical, plumbing, or important structural work is required. If you don't want to spend so much or don't have a lot to plan a budget for a bathroom renovation; try a few surface alterations which will be a bit easier on the wallet.

For instance, one quick fix is can be nothing more than giving the walls a good coat of paint. It begins to get a little more expensive when you begin to replace the major components of the room like a shower stall and sink or vanity. Not surprisingly, if you opt to upgrade the room from the bottom up, including all new fixtures, this will be the most expensive option.

It's important to recognize the necessity of working on a realistic budget before beginning to plan to remodel your bathroom. Give yourself some time and think realistically exactly how much you can pay, and stick with it.

Once you've committed to the project, should you hire professionals? Of course you can save money by doing the work on your own, but one very point to remember is that you are still putting your time and effort into the job.

If it turns out that you really do not have the appropriate skills to do a good job, you would be smart to bring in the professionals. Once you find a recommended, trustworty, and insured professional contractor to renovate your bathroom, you can rest easy, knowing that your project is under the control of an individual who can do the work on time, and on budget. This is, after all, their specialty. There are cities and towns that require special permits for remodeling projects. This is something to ask the contractor about in case it's a process that he might be able to work on.

You can definitely save money on the remodeling job. You are not required to purchase brand name or brand new items when you remodel your bathroom. Here are some ideas to show how you can improve the room and save a coup women's jackets le of dollars.

For example, use the internet to research sales and closeouts. Consider redoing the surface of the bathtub. The refinishing process might be a bit cheaper than going out and buying a new tub.

Have a look at local garage sales or rummage sales. Sometimes you might run into amazing bargains on nice sinks and other fixtures. This is particularly true if you are not in a hurry.

These days, people use the internet as a research tool. It's easy and can be fun to look on places like Amazon or eBay or even Craigslist for bargains. Obviously, you want to use common sense and beware of being taken by an online scam. And, if you happen to be creative, try this. At some reclaimed or salvage yards you might be able to find some really great unmatched tiles or antique tubs at local facilities.

Think about using a floating floor instead of tile and grout for a lot less money. Maybe a whole window is unnecessary. What if a fresh coat of stain is all that's necessary? The point is that you can have an updated bathroom, but you don't always have to break the bank.

Could Manicures Really Be The Secret of Perfect Hands?

Although many of us do not constantly think about our hands, they are permanently on show and everyone can see their condition. Usually one of the most neglected parts of the body, the nails often suffer from being bitten, ripped off and they are rarely cleaned out.

So it is no wonder that they can often cause problems. So what is it that we should be doing? Besides a little general hygiene, there is something else we can do to keep our hands and nails spotless, and that is to have a manicure.

Why Manicures Are Not Just For the Rich and Famous:

When you mention the word manicure, often we think of rich, famous, fake or spoilt women. However, a manicure can really help to keep our hands clean and healthy.

Techniques which are used vary from salon to salon and a manicure can either treat your nails, your hands, or both together. A standard manicure generally consists of the nails being filed, shaped and colored. A French manicure may also be offered, and if you choose to treat your hands they will usually be soaked in a softening substance, followed by an application of hand lotion.

You can even have more luxurious hand manicures known as Paraffin Treatments. This includes dipping your hand into either melted paraffin or wax. The heat is supposed to relax the skin and make it easier for hand lotion to absorb into the skin which is sometimes applied before the hand is dipped into the paraffin. Often the hand is dipped into the melted substance more than once in order to b women's jackets uild up a thicker layer of wax which makes coating stay warmer for longer and less likely to tear or break. After the manicurist has finished dipping your hands into the melted substance, they will wrap your hand in either tin foil or plastic and then they are covered in cloth in order to keep the warmth in.

Manicures are not just for women either and many men get a hot oil manicure. This involves cleaning and neatening the cuticles, and softening them with oil.
Whilst manicures might be good for the hands, there is a chance that you could get an infection from the equipment used. This only usually happen if you have not had the treatment done at a professional salon by a qualified person. All manicurists have to be licensed as they are manipulating the hands and trimming them and the risk of infection is recognized.

So, in order to receive the best possible manicure, it is important that you choose a manicurist who is relevantly qualified.

How to Give Yourself a Home Manicure:

Giving yourself a manicure at home is fairly easy once you know how. However, you should ideally make sure that you give yourself plenty of time for one as the average manicure lasts around 45 minutes. If you have ensured that you have got enough time, here are some tips which will help you to give yourself the perfect home manicure:

First Prepare the Hands and Nails

It is essential that you prepare and clean the hands and nails before the manicure. To do this you should wash them thoroughly and then use a double sided emery board to file the nails down in gentle strokes. Try and avoid the corners of the nails as you could weaken them, and then once finished start on shaping them. The most common shape used is the oval but you should choose whichever shape suits your hands better. Once you have finished that, to see how effectively you have done it try and run your nail over something such as pantyhose, and see if the nail snags. If not, you have done a good job!

Now Move to The Cuticles

After preparing the hands, you should now be ready to make a start on the cuticles. First, apply some softener to the cuticles and allow it to absorb for a couple of minutes. Next, place your hands in a bowl of warm water and soak them for another few minutes. Now it is time to push back the cuticles.

When you are pushing back the cuticles it should not hurt. If it does, try and soak them for a little while longer. If there are any hangnails visible, be sure to clip them off. Next it is time to apply hand lotion and start to massage the palm of your hand with your thumb on your opposite hand. This really does help to circulate the blood. Be sure to continue doing this around the rest of the hand and then switch hands, making sure that you use the same amount of time on the opposite hand.

Clean and Polish the Nail

Before any color is applied to the nails, they first need to be cleaned. The easiest way to do this is to use an orange stick wrapped with cotton and dip it into nail polish remover before rubbing it over the surface of the nails.

Next use only a little color on the end of your brush, and paint one stroke down the centre of the nail. If done properly, the brush should have just had enough color to do this. Next brush the other two sides of the nail and you should be finished. It should never take more than three strokes to finish the nail. Now make sure that the polish has a few minutes to set before applying a second coat. After the second coat has dried, apply a top coat which will help to seal the color and keep it looking good for longer.

After you have finished, it is important to sanitize all of the equipment to minimize the risk of infection the next time you use them.

Overall a manicure really can help you to relax, as well as keeping your hands really clean and healthy. Anybody can give themselves one at home as long as they follow the above steps.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Facts And Advice On The Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

The Giant Schnauzer is a beautiful dog and she makes a great watch dog and guard dog. She will protect you. On the downside, she really requires an experienced handler and early socializing of pets, other dogs and children. She is a dominant dog and will continually test the waters and push the envelope of who is in charge here anyway?

She is extremely smart and a fast learner. She requires space to exercise and she is not an apartment dog. At the least, she needs a properly fenced in yard, at the best, plenty of acres to run on. Some people think that she is great with children, others do not trust her, especially with children under about 13 years old. As a reminder, never leave a child unsupervised with a puppy or dog.

Approximate Adult Size

The approximate adult size (two years old or older) of the male Giant Schnauzer is 25 to 28 inches to the withers (highest point of the shoulder) and 60 to 80 pounds. The female ranges from 23 to 26 inches to the withers and 55 to 75 pounds.

Special Health Considerations

Most dog breeds have certain inherited health problems associated with that specific breed and the Giant Schnauzer is no exception. Be on the look out for Canine Hip Dysplasia (genetic based looseness in the hip joint that can lead to arthritis pain and lameness), orthopedic problems, eye disease, toe cancer, epilepsy and bloat (Gastric Dilation-Volvulus, the second leading killer of dogs, can kill within the hour, this space is too limited for a complete explanation but you should read up on this).

Feeding more then once a day and avoiding exercise right after meals may help guard against bloat. This disease list is an informative guideline only. Other diseases may also be significant threats, please contact your veterinarian for a complete list.

She should visit the veterinarian several times in the first year for shots, boosters and check up. Then, as an adult, she should visit the veterinarian yearly for shots and check up. As she gets older, six years and on, she should visit the veterinarian twice a year for check ups and shots. Remember; avoid feeding your dog sweets.


The Giant Schnauzer has a double coat consisting of a harsh, wiry, hard, very dense outer coat and a soft inner coat. They shed little but need to be brushed regularly. Brushing will help her maintain a clean and healthy coat, avoid mats and help you keep a closer eye on her health and strengthen your emotional bond with her. She also needs to see a groomer occasionally for clipping.

Her ears should be checked once a week and be kept clean. If you have her professionally groomed, make sure ear cleaning and inspection is part of the package. No water or excess fluid should get in the dogs ears, and do not try to irrigate the ears. Ear cleaning is too complicated and critical to instruct here. Look for hair growing in the ear canal, excess wax, or moisture. If her ears have a discharge, foul odor or she seems to be in distress and you suspect an infection, or tumor, consult your veterinarian.

Her teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities (rarely) and periodontal disease. Dog periodontal disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious disease.

Her toenails may need to be examined for growth and clipped regularly. The toenails of the rear feet grow slower than the toenails of the f women's coats ront feet. Generally a guillotine type trimmer is the best for this chore and competent instructions to accomplish this can be found on the net.

Life Span

The Giant Schnauzer can live between 12 and 15 years with proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions.


The Giant Schnauzer comes from Bavaria, Germany where it was known as the Riesenschnauzer. They may be a cross between the Bouvier des Flandres, black Great Danes, smooth-coated drover dogs and rough-coated shepherds. They were first registered by the American Kennel Association in 1930.

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The Process of a Manicure

There are a lot of people that enjoy getting manicures. If you are looking to change your look or you just feel like making your hands look a little better kept a manicure may be the perfect solution.

Even though some people enjoy going to the salon and having their nails done other people prefer to take care of their nails in the comfort of their own home. A lot of people choose to stay home to have their nails done because they can sanitize their own tools.

It seems that manicures are not recent phenomena. These manicures have been going on for almost 5000 years.

Along time ago in India manicurists would use henna to keep the nails long and strong. They would only use the henna on natural nails to keep them long.

During the 1920's and the 1930's the French made the French manicures popular. These manicures consist of making the bed of the nails pink and the tips of the nails white.

This style of manicure gives the nails a very natural and a very healthy look. These manicures also enable aesthetic treatment for nails that have imperfections.

All of our nails are made up of protein. This protein is called keratin.

As the nails grow they have to have some level of flexibility. This flexibility requires moisture without these two components the nails cannot grow in a healthy manner.

Some people think that if they use hardening treatments on their nails it will make them healthier. The harder your nails get the more prone they will be to breaking and brittleness.

Instead of using a hardener on your nails you should use a moisturizer. If you can keep your nails moisturized and always have a clear coat of nail polish on your nails for protection your nails should be in good shape.

A manicure is a treatment not only for the nails but also for the hands. When you get a manicure your manicurist should also treat your hands.

There are some salons that use paraffin wax treatments. This wax softens and moist women's jackets urizes the hands.

To give or have a paraffin wax treatment done on your hands the wax must first be melted. It is warmed in a special container and the heat melts the wax.

You then dip your hands in the melted wax. The wax should be very warm but if you feel that it is burning your skin promptly wash it off.

The warmth of the wax opens the pores in the hand and allows the wax to penetrate a deep layer of skin. The deeper the wax can go into the skin the more beneficial it is.
The majority of the time the paraffin wax will be treated with some type of oil or botanical ingredient. This makes the wax smell good and also gives the wax the ability to give a more specific form of treatment.

After you have dipped your hands in the wax and the wax has cooled slightly you should re-dip your hands a few times to make sure that the wax is thick and will not crack or peel prematurely. If you are in a salon the manicurists should also wrap your hands with a protective layer.

You then have to be patient and let the wax on your hands cool. This may take a while and it's hard for some people to leave the wax on their hands for this long.

After the wax has cooled completely you can then peel the wax off of your hands. Some people think that it is okay to save the wax so that you can then re-melt it at a later time.

If you are looking for optimal results you should not re-melt your wax. This will take away from the quality of your paraffin treatment.

If your cuticles are extremely dry you should look into getting a hot oil manicure. This type of manicure gives the cuticles a lot of attention.

If you are looking to give a traditional manicure you should expect a certain process. First, when you come there will be a warm bath of water to soften your nails.

The manicurist will then shape your cuticles, clip your nails, file your nails and then clip any hangnails. You will then be able to choose the nail polish that you want.

Your nails are first painted with a base coat. This base coat helps the nail polish stick.

Then the color of your choice will be applied and finally a top coat is applied. There are a lot of people that enjoy the manicure process.

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An oscars 2011 swag bag deserves

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