Monday, 19 November 2012

Shopping for Police Gear Holsters

Police gear holsters are not just gun holsters. Police need to carry more than just a firearm to protect and serve there city and state. Let's take a look at the different types of holsters that the police officer would need to shop for.

Duty Belts

The police gear holsters or sometimes called a duty belt, carries everything a police officer might need in the line of duty. Beginning with his service revolver or 'sidearm' as it's called because it's always at their side, add to that a magazine, or extra round of bullets, handcuffs, flashlight, handcuff keys, nightstick, and cell phone or pager, and the police officers have a full belt.

Gear Holsters

Many police officers prefer, especially those not in uniforms, like the detectives, to wear gear holsters instead of the duty belts. These gear holsters come in a variety of styles to be worn under clothes or around your ankle so as not to be detected by the average person walking down the street.

Concealment Shirts

The first piece of clothing that has a built in gear holster is a concealment T-shirt. This is a crew neck T-shirt, they also come in V-neck, with the gear hol fashion coats ster built in under the arm where no one can see it if you put another shirt over this one, which is what is how it's meant to be worn. They come in white and dark gray and are made for both policemen and policewomen.

Concealment Shorts

Like the concealment T-shirt, only just for men, the concealment shorts are designed with a sewn in holster, one on the left and one on the right, to comfortable carry your firearm. These men's shorts are called compression shorts because of their snug fit and are made of surgical grade materials. They can be worn under jeans, running shorts, suits, any clothing where you want to hide a gun but don't want the added bulk of a gear holster weighing you down.

Belly Belt

There is the belly belt which seems self-explanatory, it's a belt, worn under your clothing and around your belly, which has a gear holster for your firearm already built in. No one can detect you have a gun when you are wearing this, unless you are being patted down.

Like the belly belt, the personal concealment belt allows you to put personal items, such as keys, cell phone, ipod, pen and paper and just about anything you need to carry, tucked away in this soft, yet durable band that goes around your waist and is concealed by your jeans or pants.

Paddle Holster

The paddle holster, which resembles a ping pong paddle, yet is much more relaxed to wear! You don't need a belt with this one, and it can be worn comfortably all day long. Although, you can slip it onto a belt without having to take the belt off. Your gun slips right in and out without pulling the holster out of place. It's made of a padded or semi quilted material that resists sweat, extreme heat and cold, moisture and rain. This is very popular with the plain clothed police officers who work long hours.

Shoulder Holster

There are times when a police officer's only choice is to wear a shoulder holster. When wearing a heavy winter coat or while driving a car long distances, a gear holster for the shoulder make good sense. They are available in black or tan and are adjustable to fit any frame. Your gun and its holster, which is built into the shoulder straps, are always by your side, at your waist. They come in a single or double over the shoulder style and are very comfortable to wear.


Just like the shoulder holster the frontpack, which will hold your firearm and anything else you might need, is a favorite among cyclists and joggers. This fits neatly in front of you on your chest. It allows the weight of your firearm to be distributed more evenly while riding a bicycle or jogging. The padded design helps keep the items in place so they are not going to fall out during a chase or strenuous activity and helps to eradicate the bounce. Your gun is still accessible in a matter of seconds and it's comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

When it is impossible to where a belted holster or shoulder gun holder, there is only one other place to put your firearm and that would be around your ankle. There are many designs out there for comfort, with sheepskin between your leg and the holster, large Velcro straps to allow for little gun movement and molded leather to hold the gun in place.

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