Thursday, 29 November 2012 Pushes Top Flash Sale Sites to Help With Aggregation and Syndication today announced some of the efforts they are taking to involve the top flash fashion websites. Flash sale sites are young, but are failing to participate in aggregation services that syndicate their deals to millions o women's jackets f consumers. is establishing new relationships with flash sale sites and offering expertise to develop feeds to help facilitate syndication of each store's deals.

The flash sale industry is still relatively new and has companies scrambling to set business plans in motion. Aggregators are playing a pivotal role in the growth of the industry by leveling the field to allow new businesses to be able to compete next to the big names in the industry. RetailFetish has been working around the clock to build strong relationships among the flash sites community to allow the best deals for its clients with great ease.

By building strong relationships with these companies, it allows the aggregation service to syndicate all the best deals to millions of consumers. In addition to negotiating with the top fashion flash sites, many niche fashion flash sites are quickly forming, bringing more competition to the top websites and more variety for consumers. is a fashion deal aggregator that pulls the latest deals from the best online shopping sites for both men's and women's flash sales. RetailFetish features over 20 retailers including all the top flash sales sites like,,,,,,,,,, and many others. Users may select men's fashion or women's fashion and are only alerted when there's a deal that they might actually be interested in purchasing.

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