Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Process of a Manicure

There are a lot of people that enjoy getting manicures. If you are looking to change your look or you just feel like making your hands look a little better kept a manicure may be the perfect solution.

Even though some people enjoy going to the salon and having their nails done other people prefer to take care of their nails in the comfort of their own home. A lot of people choose to stay home to have their nails done because they can sanitize their own tools.

It seems that manicures are not recent phenomena. These manicures have been going on for almost 5000 years.

Along time ago in India manicurists would use henna to keep the nails long and strong. They would only use the henna on natural nails to keep them long.

During the 1920's and the 1930's the French made the French manicures popular. These manicures consist of making the bed of the nails pink and the tips of the nails white.

This style of manicure gives the nails a very natural and a very healthy look. These manicures also enable aesthetic treatment for nails that have imperfections.

All of our nails are made up of protein. This protein is called keratin.

As the nails grow they have to have some level of flexibility. This flexibility requires moisture without these two components the nails cannot grow in a healthy manner.

Some people think that if they use hardening treatments on their nails it will make them healthier. The harder your nails get the more prone they will be to breaking and brittleness.

Instead of using a hardener on your nails you should use a moisturizer. If you can keep your nails moisturized and always have a clear coat of nail polish on your nails for protection your nails should be in good shape.

A manicure is a treatment not only for the nails but also for the hands. When you get a manicure your manicurist should also treat your hands.

There are some salons that use paraffin wax treatments. This wax softens and moist women's jackets urizes the hands.

To give or have a paraffin wax treatment done on your hands the wax must first be melted. It is warmed in a special container and the heat melts the wax.

You then dip your hands in the melted wax. The wax should be very warm but if you feel that it is burning your skin promptly wash it off.

The warmth of the wax opens the pores in the hand and allows the wax to penetrate a deep layer of skin. The deeper the wax can go into the skin the more beneficial it is.
The majority of the time the paraffin wax will be treated with some type of oil or botanical ingredient. This makes the wax smell good and also gives the wax the ability to give a more specific form of treatment.

After you have dipped your hands in the wax and the wax has cooled slightly you should re-dip your hands a few times to make sure that the wax is thick and will not crack or peel prematurely. If you are in a salon the manicurists should also wrap your hands with a protective layer.

You then have to be patient and let the wax on your hands cool. This may take a while and it's hard for some people to leave the wax on their hands for this long.

After the wax has cooled completely you can then peel the wax off of your hands. Some people think that it is okay to save the wax so that you can then re-melt it at a later time.

If you are looking for optimal results you should not re-melt your wax. This will take away from the quality of your paraffin treatment.

If your cuticles are extremely dry you should look into getting a hot oil manicure. This type of manicure gives the cuticles a lot of attention.

If you are looking to give a traditional manicure you should expect a certain process. First, when you come there will be a warm bath of water to soften your nails.

The manicurist will then shape your cuticles, clip your nails, file your nails and then clip any hangnails. You will then be able to choose the nail polish that you want.

Your nails are first painted with a base coat. This base coat helps the nail polish stick.

Then the color of your choice will be applied and finally a top coat is applied. There are a lot of people that enjoy the manicure process.

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