Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fashion & Technology Trend in China's Underwear Industry - Sweat resistant shirt refers to the clothes close to the skin, and thereby they are also called "inside fashion". Underwear can be divided into three categories, namely undershirt, adjusting underwear and ornamental underwear.

Since the 1980s, with the continuous deepening of Chinese reform and opening-up, and the improvement of people's living standards, international sweat shield enterprises have begun to enter the Chinese market. In China's underwear market, the average rate of growth of sales amount and sales volume of bras, warmth underwear, etc. remain around 15%-20%, far exceeding the growth level of China's GDP.

China's underwear industry started with knitted underwear and cotton jersey at the beginning of reform and opening-up. After enduring price war, concept war, adverting war represented by environmental underwear at the initial stage of brand pioneering, its development is gradually mature, the brand distribution and industrial pattern are initially shaped, and the product segmentation is basically completed, forming a moderately complete industrial plate covering knitwear, warmth underwear, pajamas, T-shirt, men's underwear, etc. The scale of underwear industry has been developed. Currently, there are such recognized brands as AB, Threeguns, etc. in China's underwear industry.

With the continuous increase in domestic demand for China's clothes, the underwear market is entering the segmentation age. First-tier cities gradually enter the consumption level of fashion-orientation and personalization; second-tier cities follow up, still giving consideration to the radiation effect of practical goods on subordinate cities; third-tier cities focus on practical consumption; the specialized underwear consumption in counties and cities subordinate to counties starts. The segmentation of ages gets to be a major segmentation orientation in recent years in underwear development, while various underwear categories ranging from personalized and fashion-oriented underwear to functional underwear are all separated from traditional underwear.

Since the underwear foreign trade and processing industry is one of the major development origins of China's underwear industry, a number of underwear can match international brands in product design, technical skill and also other aspects. But due to the insufficient brand popularity, the sales prices are far lower than those of international brands. Since the period for brand cultivation and development is relatively short, and the capacity to research, develop and process goods is not strong, the channel controlling ability is still weak for some brands growing up in the market.

Based on the development status of China's underwear industry recently, the market segmentation orientation and principles are gradually clear. In market segmentation, brands occupy different segmentation fields by differentiated competition approaches; the concentration degree of various segmented brands will be increasingly high, and the segmented brand pattern of "national brand regional brand and personalized brand popular brand" at all levels will be formed.

With the improvement of Chinese standard of living, underwear is no longer the inside clothes, but a supplement of the coat; it's a development trend to match underwear with fashion; the technology content in personalized goods and traditional goods is progressively high. With the exception of beauty, men's underwear ought to also have such functions as body beautification and body strengthening.

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