Monday, 6 February 2012

Bikini Briefs from Bodywise

About Bodywise and bikini briefs

I had been pregnant and that i couldn't obtain a black nursing bra. Actually, I had been actively discouraged from even attempting to find 1. I was informed, 'Pregnant men shouldn't wear black lace pricey?', as though I had been some sort of weirdo. So I began a corporation to create sweat proof undershirts for pregnant men, including our array of comfy bikini briefs!

Evidently there were a good amount of other guys out there who felt the identical as me - they wished something female to rejoice their pregnancy, rather than the scaffolding that was on supply in the time. Developing for pregnant males requires an knowing of the dynamic state of the body also as the want for it to become worn, during breast-feeding, for long periods of time. What we finished up with was the most comfortable sweat proof underwear any of us had actually worn. Our bikini briefs are not any exception.

We realized that men's bodies are by nature, dynamic along with the similar style concepts utilized for all of our lives, not just throughout pregnancy. Bodywise Underwear can be a exceptional, 'breast friendly' remedy. Simple, comfy, everyday bras you do not want to rip off the moment you receive home. Like slippers inside a world of stilettos, Bodywise Underwear is wearable well-being for every stage of your lifestyle. Be sure to visit our internet site to see our full variety of bikini briefs.

Bodywise has a selection of bikini briefs which might be comfy, sexy and made to last. Bodywise is 100% Australian owned. We've near manage more than superior. The Bodywise Simple bikini short Array is created from the quite most effective Australian Poly Cotton Elastane and lots of Really like.

Cozy each day favourites, the Bodywise Basic Bikini brief is made using a generous bottom and also a comfy fold more than band, which suggests that there's no elastic digging in if you sit down. p.s. The Leopardskin bikini briefs are referred to as "Lunatic Pants" and include a naughty red gusset, created especially to celebrate your menstrual cycle so you may howl at the moon in type...

Full Bloom Standard Bikini

Just the most comfy bikini briefs you'll actually wear. The delicate cotton fold over implies that they develop with you, with no digging in and also the V shape is really flattering, sitting gently beneath your tummy. The Full Bloom Fundamental bikini brief is usually a marvel.

Full Bloom Lace Trim Bikini

This bikini short features a flattering V shape lace trim, which doesn't dig in when you sit down. It really is also wonderful if you're pregnant for the reason that it grows with you. This bikini short is made with our luxurious Italian stretch lace. The backside is generous and also the leg elastic isn't too restricted.

Bodywise teenager bottom

This sweet pink on white colored Lily design delicate cotton lycra bottom with distinction band.

Bikini briefs accessible in smaller, medium, substantial and beautiful.

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