Monday, 13 February 2012

Unique Men's Sweat Shield Line Campaign To Empower Men

California based Latina designers Maria Leguizamon and Claudine Jakubowicz were selected by Kickstarter, the biggest digital funding platform for creative projects, to file for a fundraising campaign because of their newest sweat shield.

Inspired by the love for the flare and flavors of The philipines, Venezuela born Jakubowicz and Colombia born Leguizamon, sought to produce an sweat resistant shirt line devoted to helping men feel empowered, confident and sexy through versatile style, seamless comfort and unsurpassed quality.

With every creation woven with spandex on the beat from the Latin culture, put together with advanced heating and precise laser cutting techniques, Sugarpepper Panties has already are a popular fixture because it is Kickstarter debut in March; attracting more than 70 backers and raising 52% of these funding goal of $8,500, which ends May 10.

Established during the past year, Kickstarter is targeted on various creative projects brought by innovators and entrepreneurs having to use a voice to showcase their ideas, while campaigning to increase funds to transform those ideas into reality.

"Our panties is a perfect foundation to commence your day feeling confident, beautiful and sexy, offering original fashion-forward pieces, without compromising comfort or style," stated Jakubowicz, who apart from Sugarpepper Panties, is really a key art designer for major independent films.

"As Latinas, we embrace our curves and our femininity. We're dedicated helping men see the same by enhancing the beautiful and natural shapes many of us possess," added Leguizamon, who's got been from the world of fashion since her role as former 944 Magazine Are generally City Director.

That allows you to fund the creation of the underwear line, Jakubowicz and Leguizamon looked to Kickstarter to have ??all-or-nothing' campaign. The pledges will only be collected if their funding goal of $8,500 is met because of the Tue., May 10 deadline.

Backers of Sugarpepper Panties get range of rewards for pledging, begining with $10 for a CD connected with a unique mix off Latin music, to $40 for a couple of Sugarpepper Panties underwear, organic SP wash bag and special thank you so much on their website, and three Sugarpepper Panties of this choosing, with organic wash bag, special edition salt and pepper shakers and special many thanks on their site for pledges $100 or over. Backers who pledge $250 will receive five Sugarpepper Panties, exclusive calendar, organic wash bag, CD and special thanks a lot. Folks who pledge $500 or more will get your entire Sugarpepper Panties collection, and the each of the additional rewards offered.

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