Monday, 16 April 2012

3 Representative of Stone Crushers and lower carbon economic climate is a superb progress from industrial civilization to ecological civilization

Mainly the stone crusher industry sector may be divided in three types compact, medium and substantial. The typical traits of each and every class of stone crushers are briefly discussed beneath.You will find diverse sorts of little stone crushers in many states having a manufacturing capability ranging from 3 to 25 TPH. Commonly, the units getting only a single Jaw sort crusher employed as main or secondary crusher together with one particular or highest two screens are grouped as modest stone crushers.Generally those crushers having than 1 crusher i.e., one particular main and one particular secondary or one/two primary & two secondary crushers in addition to one particular or more vibratory screens are categorized as medium size crushers. The mined stones are transported mostly by trucks/dumpers and unloaded in to elevated stone wells. The stones are fed by gravity to main crushers. The Crushed stones are conveyed to vibratory screens. The screened products of different sizes are conveyed to stock piles by belt conveyors. The oversize is returned to secondary crushers for further crushing and back to the vibratory screen. Such sort of medium sort crushers have a manufacturing capability in the range of twenty five - 100 TPH.Those crushers typically having two or more numbers each and every of main, secondary & tertiary kind crushers with at least two or more vibratory screens with mechanized loading, unloading conveying operation s and producing more than 100 TPH crushed stones are categorized as big crushers. Usually large stone crusher are owned by bigger construction companies like L&T, Dodsal Construction, etc who have their own large construction projects demand. Such crushers have a capability range of 100 -200 TPH. These kind of crusher typically have their own/leased open-cast stone mines and a fleet of mechanical mining equipment , trucks and dumpers, loaders etc. These crushers involve high capital investment and mostly operate round the clock. All conveying operations are done through proper belt conveyors.You can find huge variations in the types of rock crusher setup across the country depending on geographical locations, kind of demand for crushed products, closeness to urban areas, kind of raw material, availability of plant and machinery locally etc. Changing Developing Manner for Coal Mine The coal resource exploiting produce vast high carbon product on one particular side, on the other side, it caused mine area ecological pollution with environment waste such as vast waste water, gas and slag in producing process. The ejected gangue will have spontaneous combustion, which eject vast toxic gases and greenhouse gases. The exploiting causes land dig and loss. The collapse land directly pollutes environment. For a long time, the mine sector gives us a reflection that gangue pile high, earth surface is loss and collapsed also as polluted water running all around the mine, etc.It is become the conjunct developing direction in international society to develop reduced carbon economic climate with scientific supporting. And coal mine is generally produced by high carbon company, so it's an incredible question to adopt low carbon economy development, which require immediately solve.Coal sector develops at the cost of destroy ecological environment. So, the key point for coal market very low carbon developing is changing developing manner, which is scientific developing. We should obey the rule of lower carbon economy and recycling economic climate design and demand with its new manufacturing managing ways, which respects on the following six aspects 1. Increase innovation of mining geology and exploiting technology also as resources utilization rate; 2. Strengthen analyzing of mine area water resources and protect mine water compound handling and utilization to achieve water resource protective exploiting and mine water zero emission. three. Strengthen reclamation management of coal mine area ecological environment and restoration, achieving mining simultaneous with management. 4. Adjust industrial structure, increase beneficiation, pit power generation and mine waste compound utilization and achieve recycling economic climate. 5. As a whole new developing pattern of lower carbon economy, lower emission is not only the strategic choice, but also is the option for mine market with continuous develop. We should change high energy consumption, high pollution and very low efficient developing model into lower energy consumption, reduced pollution and lower emission developing method. And the first developing manner choice will be resource saving, environment friendly low carbon developing pattern; 6. Increase innovation of underground mine filing technology and decrease coal gangue occupying area and environmental pollution. Very low carbon economic climate is a great progress from industrial civilization to ecological civilization. The building of reduced carbon ecological mining is combine put human environment, ecological environment, resource environment and technology financial environment with each other.Rebuild the mine exploiting with very low carbon and environmental industrial system at minimum cost to achieve greatest resource and economy profit. After the extracting, using minimum end management make mine engineering and ecological environment as a whole.

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