Thursday, 12 April 2012

Never once more can we let out-of-state profiteers to hold California hostage

A dysfunctional power marketplace, driven by out-of-state power providers and brokers, put California in peril for the duration of the final 7 years. In 1996, the Legislature as well as the Governor launched an untested restructuring of California's electricity to unregulated private organizations. The price of electrical energy, long regulated, was to become set, instead, in a freewheeling commodities market. Proponents of deregulation envisioned lower power expenses and smaller electrical energy bills but rather we got skyrocketing rates, price tag gouging, and an unreliable supply of electricity. The out-of-state generators who purchased the majority of our utility's energy plants had been charging California several hundred percent additional for wholesale electricity than it paid the year before. As opposed to utilizing its exclusive powers to lower these record impact crusher prices, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission shirked its responsibilities to protect ratepayers from this legalized highway robbery and produced matters worse when, in December, they lifted the tough price tag cap, causing the typical cost per megawatt hour to enhance nearly 900 percent. Which is like paying 25 dollars for a three-dollar gallon of milk. On some occasions, the merchant generators even refused to sell California back its own power simply because they could obtain higher rock crusher prices elsewhere. Worst of all, there is evidence that some generators withheld electrical energy from the California grid to make artificial scarcity; which, in turn, drove up the cost astronomically. Electricity is not an exotic commodity to be traded inside the chaotic equivalent of a futures markets; electricity is usually a basic necessity of life. It truly is the incredibly fuel that powers an economy. We have to regain manage more than the energy that's generated in California and commit it to the public great. Never once again can we enable out-of-state profiteers to hold California hostage. In no way again will we let out-of-state generators to threaten to turn off lights with the flip of their switch.

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